Saturday, November 2, 2013


Our 2nd Bloodlust event entitled Devil's Night went off without a hitch!  Well except one thing..  FLASHFLOODS!  Despite the flashflood warnings all of the devilish folks came out and drank till they couldn't drink anymore and watched as Drew Blood and the Pickled Punks skewered themselves and walked up and down blades..  They took in the sites that Rockin Bones Clothing put on stage for us..  Which was amazingly hot ladies showing off their new clothing designs for our eyes only.  They also watched Gaige (the hostess for the night) eat fire and saw the lovely ladies wrestle in our own concoction of blood.  We even had a few folks taste the blood..  AFTER the wrestling.  How'd it taste?

This of course was all set to the soundtrack of the night being played by DJ Obscuri, who braved the flashfloods and rowed his boat.. I mean drove his car down from Dallas.  The vendors were amazing as well showing off some awesome horror art for us.  There was Hellcat Hardwear, El Sick String, and Joe Casanova all displaying their sick creations.

Did you miss out on this event?  Wanted to make it but just couldn't?  The next event is Sunday November 24th and will be taking place at Infest (5th & Lavaca) in Austin TX.  This event is entitled..  Bloodlust of the Undead and will have a zombie/deadite/undead theme.  Come dressed as a zombie, a deadite, or an undead ghoul to be entered into the costume contest.  Or maybe you want to show off your voracious appetite and enter the jello brain eating contest?  Are you a lady and want to roll around in zombie blood muck?  Maybe you just want to feast your eyes on some sideshow and burlesque put on by Le Strange Sideshow?  We've got you covered..  in blood..  Photos of the devils night show can be found on the wall here:  and you can hit "going" to the bloodlust of the undead event here:

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