Thursday, September 17, 2015

Mascara Machettes Model Interview

mascara machettes Gore Noir:  Thank you for sitting down with us lady!  How's life treating you?

Mascara Machettes:  Life is treating me very well, I cant complain, still pumping that red!!

GN:  We love all your bloody photos!  What draws you to the red stuff?

MM:  I've been drawn to it since a young age, 9 years old to be exact.  call me a creep, but it's definitely part of who I am (figurative and literally). The depth, the color, the contrast, the way it looks on skin, the way it drips and splatters, it all fascinates me. Its like I fell in love with blood XD

GN:  I see you like to do SFX makeup, when did you first get into it?

mascara machettes
MM:  As a matter of fact, I tried my hand at SFX for the first time a couple months ago! I didn't realize how well I knew my way around a gash or big flap of torn skin, until the first time I tried it.  I tend to study a lot of the stuff I look at in an image, I don't just simply " look" at it, I think that's aided me in learning a lot of the stuff I do for hobbies. I'm a figure-it-out-yourself type ghoul. Find the skeletons in things.

GN:  Is that an X-men tattoo I see on you?  Big comic book fan?  Favorite villain?

MM:  It IS an X-men tattoo!! My big brother was a big comic fan, so naturally, I would get into his stuff and check it out. I always LOVED the X-men! I always wished I had some sort of power like they did. I recently found out (3 years ago) that I am, in fact, A MUTANT. I have Factor Five Leiden Mutation, which is a genetic blood mutation that cause the blood to clot unnaturally fast. I always had trouble giving blood, as they had a hard time filling up a whole bag because my blood would clot inside the needle. When I was in high school giving blood in the gym, they had to stop because I stopped bleeding, they took the needle out and a gelatin needle shaped blood clot slipped out, laying on my arm. It was pretty bad ass. Favorite villain??? She's on the fence but by far my favorite character- Jean Gray: The Phoenix. Live, Die, Reborn stronger than ever, so totes relatable! XD

GN:  Let's talk horror..  I mean we run a horror magazine supposedly..  Give us a list of your favorite horror films!
mascara machettes

MM:  My favorites would include: Halloween, Texas Chainsaw Massacres- all of em-  Carrie, Blair Witch Project, The Shining, The Descent, Insidious, The Evil Dead, Army of Darkness (more of a comedy but meh) same with Cabin in the Woods and Cabin Fever, Shaun of the Dead. I love those

GN:  What kinds of horror shoots do you have liked up or that you want to do? 

MM:  We just did a double concept shoot yesterday! It made my soul feel good to get back into some blood. It's a "Living Dead Girl" concept, first she was alive, cooking and cleaning for all you bastards,  then she was dead...but alive, reining Queen of the Damned ;) There's going to be a private art showing for it at Art Inspired Gallery in Springfield, Mo, closer to Halloween. I'm pretty stoked, I've never been the focus of a gallery before, so I kind of want to puke a little, too, hahah. Can't wait to see what RoadRageProductions comes up with. Tasty little nugget of info, there's a real heart and tongue in these..
funny, cheesy ones. The House on Haunted Hill for some reason.. All the Nightmares on Elm Street, Deliverance, yes, I say its horror XD, Wrong Turns- I have a thing for back woods horror haha. I just recently, believe it or not, watched Hell Raiser 1,2 and 3 for the first time ever!! I LOVED THEM! First one was the best.

mascara machettes

GN:  Throw out some links and give us some parting words!


-the man behind the camera for the upcoming cheddar-

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I just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in.
mascara machettes
mascara machettes
mascara machettes

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