Thursday, November 27, 2014

Horror Holiday Shopping Guide 2014

We all know (or we should know) how important it is to support the smaller companies and artists, right? This is even more important around this time of year when we all go on insane retail frenzies. IF you (or someone you know) is that strange kid that likes weird things, well then here are a few small companies that you should throw your money at. Almost everyone on this list is ALSO having some sort of black Friday/cyber Monday/small business Saturday sale, so you’re welcome!

 ***I DID ONE OF THESE LAST YEAR!!! Click HERE to see it!!!! I repeated some companies from last year, but I tried to add a lot of new ones, too. This list isn’t going to be as long as last years, sorry. I HOPE it goes without saying that the coupon codes from LAST YEAR’S POST no longer work, right? Guys? Are you listening to me?...ugh...***

I’m starting out this list with a few of what I would consider high end splurges. These are for your very special someones. Hey...High end may mean something different for you, but I’m looking at things that are near/over the $100 mark. Maybe that is chump change for you...If so, good job, Richard Branson.

Global Fear Enterprises
GFE is a high end costume company that caters to the haunt industry. Unique, creepy creatures are what you will find here. Since these impeccable costumes are made by hand by just a couple of guys, the price tag is hefty. Lucky for you they have a sale going on for just $666. That's cute, guys.

Bloodmilk Jewelry
I have been lusting over blood milk for years. The pieces are beautiful, and reading the artist’s inspiration stories about each peace is fascinating. There are new designs popping up all of the time, but the old classics are always still available. With most designs come options of different materials and finishes. High polish, rose gold, sterling silver, moonstone, black CZ, labradorite, just to name a select few.

Contrived to Charm
Another lustful company. Beautiful hand tooled leather goods with that creepy theme we all love. Stunning belts and bootstaps, and even custom cases for your tarot deck. (OR for your Magic cards. Who doesn’t love Magic the Gathering?)

Stan Winston School
If someone on your list is interested in special effects makeup, practical effects, character design, prop making, puppetry, illustration/portraiture, model making, scuplting, etc...etc...etc...Then you might want to think about buying them a subscription, DVD, or enrolling them in a live web course on the topic. The Stan Winston school has a huge, jaw dropping, team of instructors on their roster. This is a great option for people who want to take classes, but don’t live in a place that has a school or workshops.

Middle Of Beyond
Home of the Mondo 237 collaboration collection, which is sold Mondo things tend to be. Also home to those silly Krampus, and Baphomet, and Cthulu, and Big Foot, and...and....AND other sweaters you’ve no doubt seen all over the internet. Lucky for you they are also having a wacky 666 sale. What fun!? $66.60 Baphomet sweater, and a $6.66 Baphomet ornament, so you can all be blasphemous in the most festive way possible.

Ghoulish Gary Pullin
Gary is both an amazing artist and an amazing person. He has worked with Rue Morgue and Mondo for years now creating beautifully detailed horror art. Gary has a variety of different kinds of prints in different sizes available on his site. Prices range from around $100-$10, so you should be able to work within your budget no matter the size.

Kreepsville 666
One of my all time favorite brands. I write about them often, and fondly, because a large portion of my wardrobe is made up of kreepsville. I absolutely adore the owners of this brand! Two of the best people you will ever meet. Kreepsville offers men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing, along with a ton of awesome accessories and even some home goods and art prints!

Pizza Party Printing
Aside from the fact that their name is PIZZA PARTY PRINTING, these guys are killer. I love the style of their graphics, and the shirts are always really soft. Good quality printing, but be warned...The shirts tend to run a bit small. You may want to order up a size. They also offer patches, prints, and a few other bits. Check it!

London 1888
Our buddy Christopher Ott is the artist behind london 1888. He needs little explanation, and I’m sure you’ve probably met him at a horror con. Prints, and shirts (both men’s and women’s) with all of your favorite horror icons, and a few mashups as well.

Atomic Cotton
I love these people. More convention buddies. Colorful and high contrast is Erica’s style. Their printing is so nice that your shirt will fade over time, but the print will still look brand new. Erica does many of the designs, but they also collaborate with other artists. Recently they’ve begun printing select graphics on “ladies” cut T’s which is always nice for us tiny folk. Also check out their Etsy page for more fun hand made items all all kinds.

Fright Rags
I heard tell of a Black Friday sale, but have yet to see any fliers or codes. This company is cool for a few reasons. They do limited print runs, BUT they allow customer to vote on sold out designs for reprints. If you miss out on a print, you still have a chance. The are one of the few horror T companies that offer “women’s” sizes. I so appreciate that since I’m not big on boxy sacks....No offense to the “unisex only brands”

Cavity Colors
Woo! Cavity colors is one of my favorites right now. Vivid explosions of blood, ooze, and sinew on cotton and paper. Aaron sells t-shirts, sweatshirts, prints, originals, sketches, and more. 

Horror Decor
...As the name states...they sell handmade horror decor. Pillows, candles, place mats, pot holders, and more.

Horror Merch
Also pretty self explanatory! Their inventory seems limitless. The seriously have it all! Shoes, toys, shirts, dresses, masks, blah blah blah! Check them out! There is usually some kind of sale, or BOGO deal on their site.

Here is a small handful of other macabre merchants to consider:

**They are always having sales, follow on social media to keep up with them, and you can look up coupon codes on check ALWAYS!**