Sunday, May 15, 2011

TwistedPix and Jess

There's no question why these awesome pictures will be showing up in the next issue of Gore Noir Mag..  Jess's hot, she's got that awesome red hair in these photos, nice and bloody, and TwistedPix rocked em like no other.  TwistedPix will have a feature in the 2nd mag and so will Jess.  What else would you need from a horror shoot?  You'll definitely want to subscribe to the mag.. Believe me there will be lots of beautiful horror to feast your eyes on.  We love mixing up the sexiness with the horror and chilling it on ice for your consumption.  We're only at the tip of the iceberg and I'm already giddy from what I've got in store for you people.  Buy or subscribe here

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Jay Bird - Patient 247 - Working on issue 2

Welp it's about the time to start working on a new issue and keep that momentum going!  What better way to get the creative juices flowing than with some zombie ladies spilling their bodily fluids all over the page?  That's not a question because there is no better way.. Jay gets into some nice detail with his zombie art and still leaves you with a smile because there's a bit of sense of humor there with his art.  The ladies seem to be living life as normal like nothing has changed..  "Oh my arm is half gone? Doesn't stop me from partying one bit.."  You'll definitely want to check out his artwork in the next issue of Gore Noir and all the other artists I have in store for you kids.  Just imagine issue #1 on steriods (so much so that it's eyes have bugged out and the skin can't keep the muscles inside.. POP!)  Until the next post do us a favor and let your friends know about us will you?  We're relying on word of mouth!

People are raving.. Why haven't you bought yours?

Loving all the people diggin' the mag!  If you didn't know the first issue is out and the first batch of shipments are showing up in peoples mail boxes!  Just about everyone who's preordered is choosing to upgrade to a subscription!  I feel really honored for sure!  I'm going to start work on the new issue here soon and depending on how long it takes me to fill the 60 pages (shooting for releasing mags every 3 months) you'll be seeing the evolution of Gore Noir magazine (more of the same but better organized and designed, and higher quality printing)  I'm also shipping out the first order to a store (looking for more as well if you'd like to buy wholesale 5+ copies of the first issue let me know  I'm making lots of contacts that will definitely make for awesome magazines in the future so you'll definitely want to stay tuned.  We've also got a magazine release party planned in San Francisco click here for details.  Come out and support the magazine and buy a copy straight from us.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

The search for stores!

We have been ULTRA busy this last month getting stuff together (and with life!) Haven't really been able to start looking for shops to carry our magazine as of yet.  The first one that I had in mind was Finder's Creepers in Iowa and would ya know it?  They are stoked to carry our magazine!  They carry all types of awesome stuff (I've had to part with some of my money once or twice because it was that awesome) If you know of any shops like this, book shops, magazine shops, comic book stores, etc. that might carry our magazine please let us know!  Email us at:  We have got the shirts and stickers in and the magazines should be here tomorrow!  You can buy those here: