Thursday, December 3, 2015

CryptTV Krampus-izing the poor unsuspecting folks out in Snapchat land!!

Wanna get turned into Krampus?  Well this post might be too late to get you turned into him..  But check out what CryptTV has got going on their Snapchat!  It's all in honor of the Krampus Movie that's coming out!  The movie hits theaters Friday Dec. 4th!  Now browse through these mugshots and go follow @CryptTV on Snapchat!

What do you guys think about the recent popularity of Krampus?  I think he's a bad ass and we should see lots more of him.  I'd like to see lots and lots of bloody kids getting torn apart by hairy hands.  I mean have you seen that story about the good folks at Walmart changing the title of Christmas Horror Story to Holiday Horror Story?  I wonder how much it cost them to create those DVD covers?  Maybe more money than was actually put into creating that movie in the first place?  I definitely see a lot of direct to DVD/Redbox/Netflix horrible horror movies out there.  Who's making these?  These are just some questions popping up in my mind as I probably should be sleeping now.  Will the REAL Krampus please stand up?

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

NSFW Nikki Doll Blood Bath Photos by MichellexStar

Gore Noir:  Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions Nikki! What was it like bathing in blood? Would you ever consider bathing in real blood?

Nikki Doll:  It was wonderful, LOL.  It was actually Kool aid because I ran out of money and needed a tub of blood to make some awesome Bathory inspired pics with the amazing Michelle Star. It was cold but felt nice cause it was hot as hell that day.

GN:  Elizabeth Bathory is definitely an infamous lady for her virgin blood baths. Thoughts on her story?

ND:  Of course, I wanted to create a modern day blood bath and based this idea off of her. Not to sound like a creeper LOL but I find her fascinating! All the macabre/eerie history, myths, and unusual facts pique my interest.

GN:  I read you do both modeling and burlesque, so what's it like balancing the two? Any horror related performances in your repertoire?

ND:  I do! Well, sometimes it can be difficult focusing on both because I work all the time, do makeup freelance, and I am going to school to be a licensed esthetician/makeup artist. Right now as I currently moved from Philly to Texas not too long ago. I’m still trying to get settled and meet people in the state I can work with. I have modeled here in Texas and in 2016 I have tons of shoots booked with all kinds of amazing people.  As far as burlesque, I will be making my Texas debut in 2016 as well :). But to answer your question its tough at times especially because I don't have much money and I’m in a completely new scene.  Pretty much all of my past performances have been horror related from a werewolf, to killer housewife, to zombie, and I plan on doing some traditional burlesque as well as making new horror performances this new year.

GN:  If you were able to transport yourself onto the set of a horror film and take a role on the movie, which film would it be and which character?

ND:  This is such a tough question because there are certainly quite a few I would love to be in.  I suppose it would be really cool to have worked on and portrayed the bride of Frankenstein.  That would be amazing.

GN:  Let’s talk horror in general! What do you think about the new horror movies coming out?

ND:  HAHA…  Well I’m not a fan of new horror movies for the most part.  I mean there are a few once in a while that come out and I really enjoy them, but I’m a huge fan of silent horror films,30’s/40’s/50’s horror, old 60’s B movies, love most horror movies out of the 80’s and early 90s.  The movies that come out now, most of them suck.  I feel they don't put the effort and creativity in them that they used to.  I’m a makeup artist so with horror movies I enjoy looking at the special effects and I feel movies today lack that because they just use the computer for everything.  If they do bad ass special effects and have a fair amount of story and gore then I give it a chance.

GN:  Lastly throw out some links for yourself and give the people some parting words!

ND:  I’d love to :)

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