Saturday, April 25, 2015

Gore Noir Magazine 2015 Media Kit


Exclusive teaser interview with Gorgeous Vortex's Todd Lincoln, Secret Segment from VHS VIRAL

I've been keeping up with all of the VHS films from the very beginning of the series.  With the exception of a few of the segments, I've really enjoyed the way it has been filmed and the overall quality of the films contained within the installments.  The newest installment in the series is titled VHS VIRAL.  With this film we have a much more insane overall premise and also the segments are a bit more.. Out of this world?  I'd say as a whole this installment has some of my favorite segments to watch.  With themes like devil worship, inter-dimensional travel and the like it keeps you on your toes.  The definite stand-out amongst the bunch has got to be the final Super Secret Surprise Segment (that's a lot of fuckin' S's) after the credits called Gorgeous Vortex.  (on the bluray you can actually just select it straight off just to watch it without waiting for a bunch of credits to roll)  This segment was brought to us by Todd Lincoln who was awesome enough to agree to an exclusive interview with Gore Noir Magazine!  Here's a few questions from the interview that will be included in issue 14 of our mag coming later this summer.  ENJOY!!

Thanks for sitting down with us and talking about your V/H/S: Viral segment Gorgeous Vortex, sir!  How did the concept first come to you?

I’m not entirely sure where the idea came from. A lot of it is made up of different concepts and imagery that I had been storing up for a while that began to connect in interesting ways. I wanted to take the “V/H/S” franchise in a different direction both tonally and stylistically. From the beginning, I pitched “Gorgeous Vortex” as a dialogue-free, experimental, high fashion horror film. Something purposely disruptive and divisive. It’s not “found footage”. Perhaps it’s an assemblage of memories, simulations and surveillance. Or maybe it’s transmissions from an inter-dimensional fever dream.

What films and/or directors were you inspired by when creating Gorgeous Vortex?

I was partly inspired by avant-garde video artists, fashion photography, old Italian Horror movies, George Lucas’s early experimental films, and the writings of J.G. Ballard and Jean Baudrillard. I wanted to create a visceral, visual onslaught served up in a post-human / post-narrative way.

I really love the creature that comes out from behind the playhouse.  Who designed and fabricated the monster?  Does it have a name?

Thank you. Vincent Guastini and his power team at V.G.P. Effects & Design Studio went above and beyond on the creature design and operated it beautifully. It was achieved entirely with practical effects. The creature doesn’t have a name, but it was a special thrill to see it come to life. Vincent assembled some of the best artists, sculptors and technicians around… including Joshua Ballze, Josh Wasylink, Mike Rotella, Steve Winsett and Evan Campbell.

Keep checking up on for new side-story micro-films that tie in with “Gorgeous Vortex”. These expand upon the mythology and point to a new direction for the “V/H/S” franchise.

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"Gorgeous Vortex" original soundtrack album by composer Joseph Bishara (The Conjuring, Insidious 1 & 2, Annabelle) is now available on vinyl and digital:


How to see "Gorgeous Vortex":
"Gorgeous Vortex" is the SECRET SURPRISE final segment of "V/H/S: Viral" from Magnolia Pictures. "Gorgeous Vortex" plays at the very end of "V/H/S: Viral" directly after the end credits. It comes in as a secret surprise transmission.  So you can only see "Gorgeous Vortex" if you buy "V/H/S: Viral" from iTunes or buy the Blu-Ray or DVD.