Sunday, December 30, 2012

Letchworth Village Hand-Numbered proof sets

Why I love the horror community.. Let me count the ways..  We were recently the victim of theft, and a HUGE case of theft.  It never occurs to you how vulnerable you are when moving until someone breaks the window of your budget moving truck and steals your whole life.  Our whole life including all of our company product.  It also never occurs to you that you might need renters insurance until you're moving across country and someone steals your whole life.  That said!  The amazing folks at NHNH Productions have offered up 20% of the proceeds from their Letchworth Village photo sets.  Read on for details!
"NHNH productions proudly presents to you:
Our visual narration of the ominous decay that is Letchworth Village,
located in Haverstraw, New York, photographically documented
during August of 2012.

Experience Letchworth Village as never before seen,
in an Advance Limited Edition, ultra high definition physical format,
for the absolute best sonic visual experience possible.

These Hand-Numbered proof sets will sell out FAST,
once they are gone, they are gone! SO ORDER NOW!
please allow 2-4 weeks for USA delivery / 4-6 weeks for International delivery

This is a joint effort with Gore Noir Magazine.
Those of you that have kept up with their updates know that their magazine stock and merchandise were stolen,
causing a huge inconvenience and delay in producing future issues. 
20% of all sales will go toward the Magazine Replacement Fund!!"

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


We recently moved from California to Texas and on our way we stopped off in Tucson Arizona to sleep for a bit and head out the next day.  We had a 16ft Budget Truck that we had rented, and our car which was on a 4 wheel trailer being towed behind it.  We woke up the next day only to find a pile of broken glass where all our worldly possession once were.  We called the police.  Made a report and later that night they found our car.  Thankfully we wouldn't have to spend 1,200 on a car rental (Expensive as hell right?!) or have one of our friends in Texas drive out and pick us up.  In the car was our 2 tarantulas and our leopard gecko Edgar Allen Poe along with my computer and our TV.  We now had a way to get back to Texas!  We stayed another night just to make sure that they wouldn't find the truck and they didn't so we left.  Once we got to Texas I got an account alert to my phone and I checked my banking account (which had been negative from a mix up at the budget truck rental company which I was going to straighten out once we hit Texas).  Someone had found some REALLY old checks in along with my paperwork and had written a check for $1,000.  I called Chase and they refunded the check amount pretty quickly.  I made a call and emailed the police department but got no word until today.  Today I was able to talk to the officer and she informed me they found the Budget truck on the 8th of this month.  A good 6 days after it was stolen.  It was completely empty with no signs of our products, our clothes, our furniture.  No nothing.

In order to keep bringing you our bloody best we will need some help.  We've set up an Indiegogo site for you to donate through.  If you can't donate we greatly appreciate you sharing our page and getting the word out so maybe we can get back on our feet and not skip a beat when it comes to producing our best horror magazine we can.

Friday, November 23, 2012


Are you lonely?  Depressed?  Is that old mundane life getting you down?  Well we have just the thing for you!  New and improved Gore Noir Magazine!  It slices, it dices it even makes fries!  Act now and we will even throw in a free promo package with every order!  That's right folks!  You get 2 wristbands!  One for each wrist!  Or keep one for yourself and give one to your grandmother! You also get 2 buttons!  Attach them to your punk jacket to look cooler than all the other kids!  On top of all that you ever get a buttload of stickers!  Stick em on your nipples for instant pasties!

But wait there's more!  Our website is standing by to take your orders and if you act now we will throw in a FREE signed poster of Diane Foster aka Little Sister from The Orphan Killer!  Yes The Orphan Killer!  That movie that was banned in Germany!  Be sure to pick up issue 6 on sale for $10 plus shipping & handling and you can get a magazine featuring Matt Farnsworth the creator of The Orphan Killer!  A little over $13 for a poster, a magazine, two wristbands, a limited edition signed poster and stickers!  WE'RE INSANE!

We will add the freebies onto any order that you make from now until the end of the day Monday.  You don't have to add it to your cart we will ship it to you!  This promotion is while supplies last and trust me they won't last long!  So act now!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Issue 6, Jm Grimm, Limited Edition Cover

Jeff Sawyer aka Jm Grimm from The Grimm City Girls will be joining the team and reviewing underground hardcore horror. His statement: "I couldn't be more stoked to announce that I have the great pleasure of having my own Column in the great magazine Gore Noir. I will be reviewing horror movies and not the mainstream ones. I will review the true hardcore shit. So all Independent directors and
writers tell me about and send me your movie. Nothing will shock me well, I guess that is up to you... The more insane , gory and unseen the better. And trust me I will watch every movie I receive. I have the first reviews chosen so get in front for the next.I want to get people published that would never be in a magazine due to content. Lets get nasty"
In other Gore Noir news issue 6 is now en route to GN HQ!  These will be shipping next week!  So if you preordered the issue you will be getting it shortly!  If you haven't yet I'd head over to the online shop and pick up your copy before they go up by $3 on Monday!  We will also be releasing a limited edition cover shot by Jm Grimm of Layla Marie at GN HQ (top left image).  The only way to know when these drop is by liking us on Facebook or continuing to keep an eye on the online store.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Social Media and the New Issue!

Leatherface by Grimbro who will be featured in issue 7
This is the digital age after all isn't it?  We here at Gore Noir Magazine rely on social media to get the word out, to reach out to those that might be interested in what we have to show.  It's a digital "show and tell" where we scour the world for things we love and bring them back to you and show you exactly the things we love.

Our Facebook is where you will find our most posts.  The Facebook is then mirrored on Twitter and we sometimes do Twitter only contests and updates just to keep things interesting.  Gore Noir is about art so of course we have a Deviantart as well.  We find quite a few of our artists on Deviantart so you should definitely look for us on there.  Did I mention Instagram?  It's fun right?  Well I post on Instagram as well and they are a bit more of a personal style of posts.  You'll see lots of our cats and other random things we come across.  You can find us on Instagram under the name @gorenoirmag.  We also cover models and photography here at Gore Noir and of course we had to get a Model Mayhem..  What self respecting photography buff doesn't have a Model Mayhem?  I'm sure I am missing some of our Social Media outlets here but I'll post those up eventually.  Like, Follow, Add, Watch whatever you fancy or if you fancy all you can be in the loop at all times!

Zombie Boy by Kobaru
So I mentioned a new issue in the title and we are going to deliver.  Issue 6 will be just around the corner here within the next 2 weeks.  The cover is graced by the awesome Porcelain as shot by Synthesia and MUA by Under Blue Lights.  Under Blue Lights is interviewed and her lovely make up is featured.  We talk with Ari Lehman from First Jason.  Johnny Daggers.. Jm Grimm and Layla Marie.. and a ton of others that you'll have to click the link to see.  You can preorder your copy and get it at the lower price or wait till it's in hand and pay a bit more.  The choice as they say.. Is up to you.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Gore Noir West Coast 'Blood Bash' Tour

Photo: Jm Grimm Model: Layla Marie
CONFIRMED: First stop will be San Francisco January 12th Submission Gallery

If you've been around since the beginning times of Gore Noir you'll know that we like to have a little fun.  And by little fun I mean drinking tall cans of PBR, watching a few bands play, and having some scantily clad ladies roll around in blood.  In the beginning the blood wasn't all that great looking.  We were new at it.  So sue us.  Not to toot my own horn but the blood is now spot on!  We had people who were tuned in for Creepy Kofy Movie Time about to puke.  Ya I was pretty proud of that.  Click the link for the newest batch of blood:

So now what's up?  Well I'm knee deep in the process of planning a West Coast tour.  January 2013 will be the month for everyone to get painted red.  What else?  You all our pretty jaded right?  Where's the fucking explosions?  Hope it's not CG flames fuckin dammit!  We've got lots in store for anyone who is involved in the tour.  Want to roll around in blood?  Maybe you'll be lucky enough.  First weekend of January will be San Francisco bathed in red stuff.  It'll also be my birthday bash.  Second weekend will be Los Angeles.  Third weekend is Las Vegas.  Fourth weekend is San Diego.  Don't live in one of those towns?  Get a bunch of your friends together and pool your money and plan a road trip.  Or you can wait for the dvd to come out of all the blood wrestling.  It's up to you.  Oh wait I didn't mention we were coming out with a blood wrestling DVD?  Well we are.. So there's that.

Blood Booze Tattoos Bruises all that shit and more..  Want involved?  Wanna sponsor a show?  Want blood all over you and to be featured in a Gore Noir DVD? Email us and we'll talk shop.  don't just say "I wanna know about the ____"  Tell us what you can do for us.  Sell yourself!  Or just say "I got $500 bucks to sponsor yada yada" and we'll talk.


Monday, July 30, 2012

Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Fest 2012 by Sick Sixx

As a serious metal head I am always worried about pre-packaged concert festivals. Shorter set times, bands that would normally headline a tour playing at 3 in the afternoon as you struggle to see them on time thru slow ticket lines and throngs of people. Does a touring festival still give back enough to the casual fan that drops half of his paycheck to experience his favorite band?
This year’s Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival made it worth every dime that the fan shelled out. In my opinion this year’s tour was like eating at a buffet of music. You could take a sample of Industrial add a piece of Deathcore and top it off with a slice of Thrash metal on your plate. Whether you are a new fan or a 30 year veteran of the music scene you left a show that finally made you full and not hungry an hour later.
For the new school fan the Sumerian Record’s and Jagermeister stage is the perfect place to mosh your afternoon away. With bands like Whitechapel, The Devil Wears Prada and As I Lay Dying on the Jager Stage to Upon A Burning Body, Dirtfedd on the Sumerian Stage. It was the perfect first plate of food at our buffet.  
For fans like me who can remember seeing Metallica in a club of less than 200 people back in the day the main stage was a metal head’s wet dream. The first band Asking Alexander taught us that the new breed of band can bring it. Then we get to the good part Motorhead followed by Slayer and Slipknot. And like anyone who loves a buffet style meal we are tired, full and want to get home and take our pants off and reminisce about the delicacy we were just served.
Now it wasn’t a perfect meal there was a miss or two. After a 30 year career Anthrax deserved to be on the main stage instead of Asking Alexandria. I have really never gotten a clear cut answer why Anthrax headlined the Jager stage instead of opening the main but it did leave a bad taste in my mouth. The festival grounds had plenty to offer in free giveaways and swag and a performance by the Metal  Mulisha freestyle motocross team.
Whoever booked this year’s show pulled of an amazing feat by giving every metal head no matter what their age a concert that hand’s down beats any incarnation of past Mayhem tours and if you missed it or skipped it you will look back and regret it as some of the bands are getting older and you just never know when you will see such an amazing group of bands put together on one show. Look I’ll be the first to say that the music festival scene in America is not what you’ll get in Europe. It doesn’t have that moment in your life feeling you get when you attend a metal fest over there. But what it was is a killer stop on a brutal tour that will leave any metal fan happy and sated till next year’s show.
Sick Sixx

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Zombies.. Bloody bloody Zombies

Zombie Boy Rick Genest issue #5
 Lot's to talk about!  Our Zombie issue just dropped!  Featuring:  Greg Nicotero, Norman Reedus, Images of Zombie Boy Rick Genest, Matt Mogk, Zombie Research Society, Mister Sam, King Zombie, Goatboy, Melissa Laroue, James Hanks Photography, Brian Hillard, Well Zombie, Beat Black, A Pretty Piece of Flesh, Zombie Manor Arlington.. and a ton of other people!  This issue is amazing!  First time we've ever done a dual cover magazine!  Zombie Boy Rick Genest is on one side and Matt Mogk creator of the Zombie Research Society is on the other.  These are available on our website and are selling out fast! GET YOURS!

Issue #6 is almost ready to hit the streets.. Yes streets.. Because we are getting a nice pump in the distribution area!  We are signing our names on the dotted line to possibly receive worldwide distribution.  For now just purchase from the website above and sign up for subscriptions to make sure you get all your issues.  Issue #6 will also have an alternative grindhouse inspired cover featuring Layla Marie as shot by Jm Grimm of the Grimm City Girls.  Only way to get this issue will be through our site so keep your eyes peeled.

Matt Mogk Zombie Research Society
With such a bump in distribution we will need lots and lots of advertisers to take advantage of our new readers that will be coming on board.  Best time to do that is NOW!  email us at: and get signed up for 3 or 6 blocks of issues to lock in that low price and take advantage of our growing readership and distribution!  If you can only afford 1 issue that's perfectly fine will will still offer discounts for repeat advertisers if you can only advertise once or twice a year.  We are here to help you get noticed!
Ad Rates

As always if you have things that you'd love to see in the magazine let us know.  Would you like to see us at a convention?  Or your event?  Let us know!  If we can make it out we will if not who knows we might be able to send you some promo materials!

Issue #6 Featuring Under Blue Lights

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

No Regrets Photography

We are now knee deep in issue 6 with issue 5 about 2 weeks away from getting here.  One of the exciting articles that you'll see some fresh pictures from in issue 6 is No Regrets Photography.  She has an amazing eye for glamorous death.  We are treated to beautiful ladies with sparkly "blood" pouring out of their fresh corpses.

When I first saw the images I definitely knew that I had to have them for the magazine.  I love artists that push the bounds of their desired media.  We like to think that their is a bit of beauty in death.  We also like to see the bloody red stuff pour.  Let the good times sparkle!  (and not in a twilight kind of way)

Saturday, June 9, 2012

New products!

 We just got our 1" 100% recycled silicone bracelets in stock and ready to ship!  They are $2 shipped and we also have some 1" buttons in stock they are 2 for $1 in green and pink.  Find us at a show or order them online to get them shipped to your door!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Zombie Issue!

The issue that will be one of the best yet!  It's the all zombie issue!  We've got interviews with Greg Nicotero, the man who inked Zombie Boy Rick Genest, Norman Reedus, Matt Mogk of the Zombie Research Society, Mister Sam, Beat Black, The Zombie King, Zombie Manor, Goatboy, Walking Dead well zombie & Knb Efx wizard Brian Hillard, Zombie artist M. Darkside, James Hanks, Melissa Laroue, and many more!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Zombie Research Society - Issue 5

  Are you ready for the zombie apocalypse?  I'm guessing your McDonalds eating, PBR swilling, reality TV junky ass is far from ready.  I'm just guessin though.. Who knows.. maybe you're the next Jean Claude Van Dam..  You know.. womanizing.. cocaine hoovering.. all around good guy?  More than likely though you are a female because Gore Noir is all about the ladies.  Need proof?  Just check out the photo below of one of our lovely female fans who, because we love our fans, we've turned into a zombie... Well actually Goatboy turned her but still we were the party responsible for sicking Goatboy on her.. and doesn't she look lovely?

So ladies what do you like most about zombies?  Ok ok I'll stop trying to chat you up and get to the meat and potatoes of what we are getting at here with issue 5 of the magazine coming out in May.  Zombie Research Society, Matt Mogk and the guys who brought you the Walking Dead will be heavily involved in putting this issue together and they will be co-curating it.  Expect to see lots of rotting flesh and bloody corpses that walk around the earth searching for human food.  You will feast your eyes on lots of the undead fun bags and we'll even teach you a thing or two about surviving the apocalypse.  Okay I'm done now you can get back to that can of 1893's best brew.

The Orphan Killer

In an era that's being overran by digital blood and effects it's always refreshing to see a film that goes back to the basics and gives us straight up horror.  The Orphan Killer or TOK as most of the fans of the film call it, is a Bloody good slasher horror film that impressed me with it's level of gore.  That's not to say that it relies on the gore as a crutch like some films.  It doesn't just lop off heads just for the sake of being over the top either.  The main character, who the film is named after, is just like you or I. Only difference is he's fucked up in the head at a whole higher level.  Think serial killer meets Michael Myers or Jason Vorhees.  I like how the movie presents us with the back story on TOK and overall I'd say it's a must see.  Did I mention Gore Noir Magazine will feature an interview with Matt Farnsworth the creator and director of TOK?  Oh and that there will be many more photos of the lovely Diane Foster who plays the Heroine Audrey in the film?  Well consider it mentioned!  Look for all that and more in the 6th issue coming in June/July.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Issue 4!

So issue 4 is on its way to our doorstep and we are already working on issue 5 the all zombie issue. Be sure to check out our merch page and pick up a subscription. We are offering a free tshirt with all of our subscriptions.. You'd be crazy not to take advantage of that. It's a limited time offer and we will pull it down whenever we darn well feel like it!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Nick Percival

I grew up drawing and writing.  I got into comic books as a natural progression of being both a fan of awesome characters and a great storyline.  I got to the point where I realized that I was into way too many different things to ever master just one.  I'm okay with that.  I'm perfectly fine with being a jack of all trades and a master at none.  No sweat.  Until I see artwork like Nick Percival's..  Then I just feel like total dogmeat..  I'd give my right nut to be able to create scenery and action like Nick is able to.  I have all these ideas but sometimes writing just doesn't do them justice.  They need a face.  I only hope that someday soon I will have the bankroll to start putting amazing artists like Mr. Percival on the staff and have them on constant speed dial for any and every sick and twisted thought that comes to mind.  Until then I will be happy with presenting you with Nick Percival's art for you to wrap your minds around and feast your eyes on.