Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Our Kickstarter page! Please spread the word!

 We were just recently approved for our Kickstarter and it's an awesome new way for project that need funding to receive the money they need without having to bend over for the banks.  People receive rewards for their money they give for the projects and we have some pretty awesome rewards depending on how much money you can give.  Please check out and repost the following link!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Aj Olson Advertising Art Severed Arteries

Aj Olson's Winning Ad
If you aren't one of our fans on Facebook or following on Twitter you probably missed the fact that we were having a free advertising contest for issue #2.  We had some awesome submissions and Aj Olson ended up winning a free full page ad in our next issue.  While we are on the subject of ads I'd like to let you know about opportunities to advertise in the next issue.  Our prices are really low as we like to make advertising affordable and open to everybody.  A business card sized ad is only $20, half page is $50, Full page is $100 and back cover is $300.  We are an independent magazine and all your advertising dollars go to helping us print the issues.  Currently I'm funding all printing costs myself and believe me it's not cheap (and I'm by no means rich).  Any help you can give us would be greatly appreciated!  Buy an issue, subscribe, buy an ad, whatever you can afford because we know the money is definitely not rolling in right now.  We like supporting all the people in the horror genre and we'd love some support ourselves so we can keep doing what we are doing.  We set up a shopping cart for the advertising and there are discounts for getting advertising in 3 consecutive magazines so give her a gander! and our magazine shopping cart to buy mags and preorder issue #2 and subscribe.