Thursday, January 17, 2013

It's coming.. Where will you be when it hits?

Cover art featuring artwork for Necro
Can you hear it coming over the mountain?  It's a bloody beast.. Leaving lots of death, tattoos, and horror in it's wake..  Leaving tattoos in it's wake?  WTF?  Don't question me.. It's Gore Noir Magazine issue #7!  Lucky number 7 is of course the awesomest yet!  We have Necro the king of death rap. The Enigma and Serana Rose who are sideshow extraordinaire's and tattooed like no other..  Grimbro who brings us the most amazing digital art we've seen in awhile..

Kreepsville 666 clothing that is sure to have something ghoulish to cover your flesh suit up with.  Allan Graves is tattooing all over the world and bringing us brilliant pickchur books so we can feast our eye marbles on em.  Devanny Pinn tells us about her movie The Black Dahlia Haunting and also brings her costars along with her for a bloody good Gore Noir exclusive photoshoot.  Talyn Stone donates blood to our cause and we have photos of that.. of course.. Jm Grimm of the Grimm City Girls brings us his first installment of Grimm Views where he reviews some of the low down dirtiest of the genre.  We introduce you to Suzi Rubbish the bloody winner of Miss Gore Noir 2013.
Backcover art by Grimbro

Derek Mick of Obscuri has joined forces with us and is helping in our plot to hide as many lovely dead bodies as possible.  Taylor Haggard adds to her writing duties for the magazine and brings us her Putrid Picks.. 3 items that you'll want to wrap your cockles around.  Of course we are always bringing you the freshest recipes in our Cannibal Cookbook section that just recently expanded and became it's own blog, and is hoping for a future book release.

Deville Photography sends us messages in a bottle from across the pond and we give you some of her baby eating, morbid sex having, tattooed, and 80's inspired photography.  Did we mention her one of her 2 girls 1 gut photos will be the centerfold poster?  My fingers are hurting from typing this much.  You don't have much time to get the mag on preorder so take advantage of that 3 dollar savings and head on over!