Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Degrading, Depraving, Debouchery

If you haven't heard Necro's music give em a listen.. You'll feel like your ear drums just got molested by that dirty bum drinking wild turkey in the gutter.  Nothing is taboo for the "king of deathrap".  Sex, horror, drugs, you name it we'll all wallow in it and soak it up like a sponge.  Not the kind of music you'll want to let your momma hear you listening to unless your momma is a crack whore from the tenderloin in Frisco.  We'll take a stroll through Necro's sick mind and we'll be gracing your eyes with a blood-filled photoshoot (of course) with him as well.  Until then check out this video we leave you with.  WARNING:  if you suffer from a pretentious uptight sphincter you'll probably want to avoid us as a whole and you definitely won't want to watch the video..  or hell go ahead and watch/listen to it and write a bunch of letters to someone so we can all get some free publicity out of the deal.  That way we all win.. you get something to complain about because you have nothing better to do and we get the recognition we all deserve.  DIE!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

whimsy and horror?

One of my favorite parts of horror is it's ability to make me laugh.. "Laugh?" you say?  Yep, horror has an ability to be so over the top and silly that it makes me chuckle.  While I'm not quite sure if that's what MeliJulie has in mind with her pictures, they definitely convey a LOAD of her character to the viewer.  I can easily imagine a kids saturday morning show with her as the host and it going from "just playing" to "bloody slaying" in no time.  Run kids!  She's got a knife!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

NikytaGaia Photography

Tension, turmoil, terror..  Other then beginning with a T what else do all these words have in common?  If you guessed that they are all conveyed beautifully by Nikyta Gaia Photography's photos you'd be correct.  I'll take photographers that understand what horror is all about for two hundred Alex.  It's truly amazing when an artist can seemingly tell a whole story in one frame.  It's also very hard to do all this with devilishly simplistic subject matter and not make it look contrived.  Believe me you'll want to see what's in Gore Noir mag's first issue.