Thursday, April 23, 2020

Ashy Slashy: Queen of Halloween "We alllll floaaatt!"

"Allow me to introduce myself! They call me the dancing clown! And you must be Georgie~ Did you hear my circus was in town?"

Fun Fact About Little Ole' Ashy Slashy: I'm a HUGE Stephen King Fan.
I started reading his books when I was a freshman in High School (so many centuries ago...). I'm also not a huge fan of clowns. It's not exactly a fear... they just weird me out.. So naturally we're going to be discussing Pennywise today! Aren't you excited?

"I'll take him! I'll take all of you! I'll feast on your flesh as I feed on your fear... Or... you'll just leave us be"

Now if you don't know who good ole' Pennywise is... I cannot help you. You are a lost cause to us all... Okay, okay... I'll be *nice* and help you out. Pennywise (also known as IT) is an being from a dimension that is beyond human comprehension. IT comes to Earth to feast on the fears of primarily children. Why children? They're easier to scare and they are just SO DARN tasty, apparently.

Pennywise the Clown is one of Stephen King's well known creations, striking the fear in all of us. Let's be honest here: clowns ARE a little creepy.. (anything that paints a "happy face" for a normal expression is just weird in general) and Pennywise is up there as one of the creepiest there is.

Whether you love the book, the 1990's IT, or the remake of IT(2017), Pennywise is a very fun character to try out when it comes to makeup. I've tackled Pennywise a few times now and each time I make him more and more creepy.. or try to anyway. It doesn't take a whole lot to make the character eerie. It's fun! Just watch out for those Deadlights...

You'll all float...soon
-Ashy Slashy

Gore Noir Magazine Archives: JM Grimm, Layla Marie Hollywood Photoshoot (Patreon)

What do you do when ICP flakes on you the day before a shoot?  You come out hard and still shoot some amazing photos!!  JM Grimm killed it!

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