Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Gore Noir & Atomic Cotton Tshirt contest!

Hello all you artists and photographers!  It's Tshirt contest time!  The top 4 entries with the highest votes and one entry of my choice will be finalists and the winner will be chosen and agreed upon by and Gore Noir Magazine to keep the contest fair.  The winner will get their graphic printed by Atomic Cotton and will be available on their website  Entries will be accepted from now (Nov. 9th) until the end of November (Nov. 30th).  Contest ends on December 7th and winners will be posted on Dec. 10th.  All entries must be a silk screenable image with 4 or less colors.  PLEASE NO COPYRIGHTED IMAGES!  If you submit an actual picture the finished product will have contrast added and colors removed.  All entries should include our GORE NOIR logo.  An awesome graphic with something going on "inside" the graphic would be cool.  You can also just put the graphic on the top or bottom of the shirt graphic just as long as it's on there.  Voting starts November 23rd when the images are transfered to a contest folder this allows people to create awesome graphics and they don't have to worry about "catching up" to people that did simple graphics. Any other questions feel free to ask here.  Email all entries to or post them to the facebook wall

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Chad Chase of Venom Ink

 Chad Chase is one of those artists that has mastered his medium and is at a level that just about every tattoo artist wants to reach.  His ability to bring emotion up through the skin with needle and ink is amazing.  He mixes realism with a touch of the surreal with a perfection that not many can attain.  When you hear about people traveling to get tattoos by artists and you wonder "why would anyone do that" well my friends Chad is the reason why.  We all get the itch to get inked every once in awhile but why throw just anything on us when someone like Mr. Chase can turn your skin into a piece of true art?  I'd much rather look down at my body and see awesome ink than I would look down and see some scratchers sloppy lines on me.

Look for more of Chad's and other amazing tattoo artists work in the next Gore Noir magazine!  Issue #2 is available for purchase and features some hot inked ladies as a 11x17 poster!