Friday, November 23, 2012


Are you lonely?  Depressed?  Is that old mundane life getting you down?  Well we have just the thing for you!  New and improved Gore Noir Magazine!  It slices, it dices it even makes fries!  Act now and we will even throw in a free promo package with every order!  That's right folks!  You get 2 wristbands!  One for each wrist!  Or keep one for yourself and give one to your grandmother! You also get 2 buttons!  Attach them to your punk jacket to look cooler than all the other kids!  On top of all that you ever get a buttload of stickers!  Stick em on your nipples for instant pasties!

But wait there's more!  Our website is standing by to take your orders and if you act now we will throw in a FREE signed poster of Diane Foster aka Little Sister from The Orphan Killer!  Yes The Orphan Killer!  That movie that was banned in Germany!  Be sure to pick up issue 6 on sale for $10 plus shipping & handling and you can get a magazine featuring Matt Farnsworth the creator of The Orphan Killer!  A little over $13 for a poster, a magazine, two wristbands, a limited edition signed poster and stickers!  WE'RE INSANE!

We will add the freebies onto any order that you make from now until the end of the day Monday.  You don't have to add it to your cart we will ship it to you!  This promotion is while supplies last and trust me they won't last long!  So act now!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Issue 6, Jm Grimm, Limited Edition Cover

Jeff Sawyer aka Jm Grimm from The Grimm City Girls will be joining the team and reviewing underground hardcore horror. His statement: "I couldn't be more stoked to announce that I have the great pleasure of having my own Column in the great magazine Gore Noir. I will be reviewing horror movies and not the mainstream ones. I will review the true hardcore shit. So all Independent directors and
writers tell me about and send me your movie. Nothing will shock me well, I guess that is up to you... The more insane , gory and unseen the better. And trust me I will watch every movie I receive. I have the first reviews chosen so get in front for the next.I want to get people published that would never be in a magazine due to content. Lets get nasty"
In other Gore Noir news issue 6 is now en route to GN HQ!  These will be shipping next week!  So if you preordered the issue you will be getting it shortly!  If you haven't yet I'd head over to the online shop and pick up your copy before they go up by $3 on Monday!  We will also be releasing a limited edition cover shot by Jm Grimm of Layla Marie at GN HQ (top left image).  The only way to know when these drop is by liking us on Facebook or continuing to keep an eye on the online store.