Thursday, November 26, 2015

Horror-Day Shopping Guide 2015

Hello! It’s that time of year again where I share with you a big ol’ list of awesome horror related companies and products? I’ve picked theses companies based primarily on gifts that I myself would like to receive. I’m a huge horror fan, a makeup artist, an artist, and a haunter! All aspects of my life from my fashion choices to my many jobs revolve in and around the horror realm. I’ve met many amazing like minded artists and business owners who feel and live exactly like I do! I didn’t just fart out a generic list of shit. These are companies I shop from (window shopping included!) These are my friends and my colleagues. I love them all dearly! All of these companies are run by small teams of incredible hard working people and deserve your hard earned monies. They are all of the highest caliber! No disappointments or shady dealings here. TRUST AND BELIEVE! 

I searched around the web to see if I could dig up some coupon codes and sales for you ghouls. I’m a bargain whore! I suggest following any of these companies that tickle your fancy on social media. Some of them may be having sales, but wont release the details until the very last second. If I happen to see this happen, or if I come across anything else really cool after I’ve already posted this I’ll edit and add details, so please check back!

If you just so happen to live in the Austin, Texas area here is a killer event where you can peruse the wares of local artists and vendors. My haunt family and I will be providing the Evil Santa and Krampus....Gore Noir may be there too!


Gore Noir Magazine!

I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t begin this post with some shameless self promotion...OF COURSE I would recommend shopping directly with US this holiday season. DUH. I assume you’re familiar with us if you’re reading this, but just incase you happened upon this randomly, Hey! We’re Gore Noir Magazine. We are an up and coming independent Horror art and culture magazine. We do our best to get issues out quarterly, with a few limited edition ones here and there. We are the only publishers (to my knowledge) who have fancy coffin shaped magazines! Each one has a theme and is printed in black and white for that classic horror feel. We also do full color 60 page issues jam packed full of awesome art, bands, tattoos, photographers, products, sexy ladies, and more! We offer our magazine in both print and digital formats to suit your needs. We also have a handful of fun merchandise aside from reading materials...Art prints, posters, sacrilegious candles, patches, jewelry, and more!

Crafty Bitch Creations! 
 This is where I sell my own personal works of art and handmade bobbles. I love making cute and creepy pieces full of blood and glitter! Buy one of my pre-made pieces or order something 100% custom to your liking! I’ll make anything! I’m trying to get some other artists on board to sell their work on my site. You can follow me on instagram to stay updated on all things Crafty Bitch: @frankentaylor


Kreepsville 666
 I'm delighted to say that my personal wardrobe finally consists of so many Kreepsville items that I sometimes wear AT LEAST on Kreepsville piece everyday for months on end. And there is ALWAYS something new and awesome to add! HOORAY! Kreepsville is always growing and evolving and releasing the cutest creepiest fashion items in the world! I’m hooked! Start your addiction this holiday season, and get your friends hooked too. Pssst...psssst...I heard that they are having a sale, so make sure you follow them on facebook and instagram to get in on all the sweet sweet deals.

Sourpuss is a great one stop shop for cool “alternative” clothing and housewares. They have tons upon tons of great items for men, women, and sometimes even kiddos and pets! Fashion pieces, home goods, and other fun and unique gifts are all offered here on one site. So good! I was able to do a lot of my holiday shopping here last year, and have already loaded up my cart for family and friends again! Yes...I even bought things for my parents here. There really is something that anyone would enjoy here...Right now my favorite thing on the entire site are these killer shark attack salt and pepper shakers. Look at them! How could a spice dispenser get any cuter!? HUH!!!???

So maybe Iron Fist isn't always 100% horror...kind of like sourpuss, bur Iron Fist is notorious for their amazing black Friday sales, so I figured I should add them to the list. Have you seen all of those bat wing shoes!? THEY’RE AMAZING!

Rock Rebel has aquired a lot of really rad liscenses within the past couple of years to expand their product lines. Oodles of universal monsters merch, alot with other titles like: They Live, Psycho, and The Munsters. Clothing and accessories for both men and women. I’m a big fan of their hats with underbrim printing, and their glorious glorious handbags!

Atomic Cotton
Do you need some horror themed throw pillows?  If the answer is yes, then Horror Decor is the place to get them. They also offer a ton of other horrific home goods, but the pillows have the be their star products. Also sale...also also excellent customer service!

Sick Wix
I've only just discovered this artist. As you can see...and assume by the name...she handcrafts the most insane candles! WOAH! Currently there isn't much in her store other than some of these creepy baby doll candles in her etsy, but according to her website she will be returning soon! Follow her on instagram NOW!

Black Flame Candles

I saw the brothers Calabrese post something on their instagram about these new items for Christmas...they appear to be wooden planchette, so I ventured to their website to investigate. Obviously I need a Calabrese planchette. I did not see anything about these mysterious wood blocks, but I did see that their merch store is having a saaaaaaaaallllleeee!
If you follow any of the gorgeous instagram "famous" ghouls then I'm sure you've seen a Worship13 piece here or there. Pretty spooky rings, phone cases, necklaces, and other goodies sure to please any spooky cutie!

Martha Rotten
Dude...bro...brodude...Martha Rotten jewelry is the SHIT! All taxidermy, and skeletal inspired pices. Everything is huge and gaudy and that's just the way I like it! Made with lead free metals for your safety!

Here are a couple companies that I think are a little on the high-end side. These are for those special boils and ghouls on you list. Delight your boo or your BAE (that stands for Body After Embalming, right?) with one of these incredible works of art! These are also smaller businesses run by just one or two brilliant artists! Gotta love supporting the arts! I consider anything over $100 to be a “high end” item...if that makes me cheap, then I would refer you back to the top of this post where I mentioned being a “bargain whore”...ahem...

Bloodmilk Jewelry
Exquisite dark and macabre jewels guaranteed to make any darkhearted ghouls heart grow three times it’s size. Each piece is designed and crafted with much thought and care. The pieces even often have stories to accompany them which is a feature I adore about this company. Please give them a read and I’m sure you’ll fall even more in love with these beauties than you did on sight alone. She uses fine natural materials while still being able to keep costs remarkably low! BEWARE IMPORTERS! Bloodmilk is OFTEN IMITATED, NEVER DUPLICATED! There are sellers out there knocking off these works of art using low quality and harmful materials! Always go with the original.

Global Fear Enterprises

If that special someone is a fan of masks and costumes of creepy creatures plucked straight from their nightmares, then GFE is the place for you. These handcrafted high end costumes and props used primarily within the professional haunt industry...DEFINITELY not your run-of-the-mill Halloween store bagged can’t even compare! The mission statement of GFE is right in the name....the desire for the global spread of fear. GUESS WHAT! They are ALSO having a sale! Costumes are marked down to the wickedly sweet price of only $666 (props, accessories, and weapons are not included in the sale!) How can it get any better!?


If you have someone on your list that is interested in the world of makeup and special effects giving them the gift of materials, education, or other products and supplies can be a huge help. Weither they are a seasoned professional, or a beginner, any little help would be an amazing gift. Speaking as a makeup artists myself, I can confirm that makeup, materials, and education can be VERY expensive. I know that if anyone gave me any of these things I’d be eternally grateful. Here are a few suggestions....

Stan Winston School
The leading source of education on the web has to be Stan Winston! There are TONS of web courses on everything from z-brush to blood gags. If you’re just a beginner, or even a seasoned pro you can always learn something new or get a nice refresher. All of the courses are taught by industry professionals including...the man...the myth...the legend...who taught me how to sculpt: Don Lanning! They offer both live classes and past classes “on demand” through their site. There is even a section to pick up supplies for specific courses. Can’t recommend this incredible oasis of education highly enough! I’d also suggest following them on social media to see the massive amounts of inspirational artwork that they post daily.

Monsterous Makeup Manual
I attended a makeup school out in LA and one of my favorite instructors wrote some of his very own text books! Michael Spatola is an excellent teacher and his books go into depth about tons of useful things. How to mix foam latex, techniques for highlight and shadow makeups, and so on! You wont be disappointed!

Zombie Skin

This stuff is incredible! It’s essentially whipped latex sans ammonia! It’s great for buildups, adding texture, and can even work to help blend edges on foam latex appliances, and it drys fast! I love this stuff! Guess what!? They’re even having a SALE! Yaaaay discounts!

“Zombie Skin decided  that our customers deserved a huge discount on Zombie Skin for Black Friday!!! Our regular retail price is $28.99 so Black Friday our price for our Flesh tone 4 ounce Jar will be $20.00 plus shipping from 6:00am till 11:59pm!!! Coupon code will be released at Noon Eastern Standard time on Thanksgiving Day!!!”

Monster Makers/Monster Clay
Monster Makers has become the creme of the crop for all of your monster making needs...hence the super appropriate name! To name only a few awesome products in their extensive line...they have foam kits, mask latex, BEAUTIFUL clay that can be recycled, sculpting forms and more. They offer quite a few kits that I think would make excellent gifts!

Pale Night Productions
Pale Night Productions is responsible for one of my alltime favorite products, PERMA-BLOOD! Perma-blood is a blood paint that can be used on props, costumes, masks, models, sculpture, art, set dressings, anything really...I know a lot of haunters who use it to blood splatter shoes, phone cases, glasses, and even their vape tanks! It’s so much fun! You’ll want to PERMA-BLOOD ALL THE THINGS! 

    From the site: “Perma-Blood is the haunt industries' BEST blood paint period.  Most blood paints dry pink or brown or don't dry at all.  Perma-Blood dries bright red and glossy to always appear fresh.  It dries completely tack free and is flexible and waterproof on most surfaces.  That makes Perma-Blood great for use on walls, props, and even costumes.”

    Perma-blood is amazing, but it is NOT skin safe! Do not use this for makeups! You have been warned!

Smooth On
Smooth On is another popular company in the FX world. Here you can grab TONS of different materials for molding and fabrication.....I don’t even know where to start listing?

RBFX has gained the reputation for selling the best foam and silicone appliances you can buy! They are constantly adding new pieces to their collections and you can see these things all over Film! RBFX has so many big hitters in the FX world sculpting for them on a regular basis! So much beauty and talent and I SAID GOD DAYUM those edges!

Giftcards to any local hobby, craft, home improvment/hardware stores can always be very helpful! Particularly those places that also have those amazing daily 40% off coupons! You know who you are!
    If you are lucky enough to live close to any of the awesome professional makeup supply stores I’d suggest getting a gift there. It’s cool to ask someone what they NEED that can really help them out. I always appreciate something I need over some silly knick knack, but that’s just me! If you want it to be a surprise you can try poking around their shop space, or makeup kit...if you’re sneaky and you don’t fear the wrath of an artist who's very expensive toys were touched...You could also try stopping by the store and just asking someone on staff to help you out, or do a little googling.

A minimal collection of some of my favorite artists and galleries from around the web. Many of these people have been featured in past, or future, issues of Gore Noir!

Sara Ray Art

Eric Oneill Art
Beautiful art, beautiful man. DAT BONE STRUCTURE, DOE!

Ghoulish Gary
If you have ever been in my apartment, you've seen a lot of art by Ghoulish Gary!

Eric Pigors (Toxic Toons)
 Everyone's favorite kreepy unkle...Unkle Pigors! I love his style, and I have a SHIT TON of his prints, shirts, and other merch! He's one of those people who has me wanting all of the things.

Chuck Hodi
Love these little Lydias! Chuck has an interesting and unique approach to portraiture.

Goat Rat
Hmm...Goat Rat seems to have deleted his website, but you can still follow him on instagram! [@goat_rat] I'm not sure if he is selling any of his stickers prints or shirts this holiday season, but I love him so much that I wanted to add him anyway! Make sure you follow us on instagram [@gorenoirmag] and keep an eye out for an upcoming Goat Rat giveaway! 

Alex Pardee

I can only think to describe Alex's work as day glow nightmare fuel. Alex Pardee is running a holiday special original drawings over on his website. Drawings may, or may not, be curses. No guarantees...

ParlorTattooPrints by Quyen Dinh

Chet Zar

Grey Matter Art


Hyaena Gallery

Guzu Gallery

Studio House Designs

Zero Friends

Zero Friends has amazing black friday sales. Like look at this shit...that is just scratching ther surface! Go get yer dirt cheap arts!