Monday, October 29, 2012

Social Media and the New Issue!

Leatherface by Grimbro who will be featured in issue 7
This is the digital age after all isn't it?  We here at Gore Noir Magazine rely on social media to get the word out, to reach out to those that might be interested in what we have to show.  It's a digital "show and tell" where we scour the world for things we love and bring them back to you and show you exactly the things we love.

Our Facebook is where you will find our most posts.  The Facebook is then mirrored on Twitter and we sometimes do Twitter only contests and updates just to keep things interesting.  Gore Noir is about art so of course we have a Deviantart as well.  We find quite a few of our artists on Deviantart so you should definitely look for us on there.  Did I mention Instagram?  It's fun right?  Well I post on Instagram as well and they are a bit more of a personal style of posts.  You'll see lots of our cats and other random things we come across.  You can find us on Instagram under the name @gorenoirmag.  We also cover models and photography here at Gore Noir and of course we had to get a Model Mayhem..  What self respecting photography buff doesn't have a Model Mayhem?  I'm sure I am missing some of our Social Media outlets here but I'll post those up eventually.  Like, Follow, Add, Watch whatever you fancy or if you fancy all you can be in the loop at all times!

Zombie Boy by Kobaru
So I mentioned a new issue in the title and we are going to deliver.  Issue 6 will be just around the corner here within the next 2 weeks.  The cover is graced by the awesome Porcelain as shot by Synthesia and MUA by Under Blue Lights.  Under Blue Lights is interviewed and her lovely make up is featured.  We talk with Ari Lehman from First Jason.  Johnny Daggers.. Jm Grimm and Layla Marie.. and a ton of others that you'll have to click the link to see.  You can preorder your copy and get it at the lower price or wait till it's in hand and pay a bit more.  The choice as they say.. Is up to you.