Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Vamp Girls

Wouldn't expect any less from a couple horror gals from Las Vegas.  Vampires love feeding on the washed up booze ridden cretins that get lost in the desert.  Who would miss some guy who just dumped his paycheck into a slot machine?  I'm sure it's like snacking on a rum cake.. Get a bit drunk and high off of that hemoglobin.

The set that Gore Noir will be featuring has the Vamp Girls sinking their teeth into some delicious veins that's for sure.  I'm not even a vampire and I wouldn't mind sinking my teeth in!


  1. haha, just like nibbling on a rum cake, love the comparison, guess that might be true :) liked subscribed and now sending some sweet loving guys, job well done from LBC - Maggie xxx

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