Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sick & Depraved Unrated Issue

Anathema Photography
If you have liked our Facebook you've probably already seen the front cover of our Sick & Depraved Unrated Issue.  Well here's the equally as awesome back cover!  Back cover photo is by Anathema Photography who will be featured in the issue with all of her awesome photography uncensored for all of our sick fans!

The level of blood and guts for this issue is going to be extremely high.  There will also be all sorts of ladies naughty bits everywhere.  This issue will be 18+ and is not for the squeamish!  We are looking to pervert the hell out of horror with this one.  This issue will go on presale in April and will more than likely sell out just like all of our other issues.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Instagramma Jamma @gorenoirmag

I was trying to come up with a catchy title for awhile.. Gorestagram?  Instagore?  Na those sounds silly.. So I said fuck it and went really silly.. Anyway you name it the message is the same..  We are on Instagram!  Have been for awhile now.. You just haven't been following.. We'll deal with your lack of followingnessdom later.  For now you can make up for it by.. wait for it.. FOLLOWING!  You'll get lots of gems from our daily lives.. Lot's of pictures of our cats.. Of bloody chicks.. of my mexican food and some other things that you can't find on Facebook.  Have I sold you on it yet?  How about Follow or I'll hunt you down like Jason Vorhees?  SOLD!  @gorenoirmag

Monday, March 18, 2013

Blood Lust Sponsorship Packages

Hostess: Gaige Photo: Obscuri
Gore Noir Magazine Presents: Blood Lust San Antonio is coming up!  Blood, Burlesque, and Brutal bands all filmed for a Bloody DVD!  We will have 4+ video cameras roaming the event capturing all the blood wrestling, horror burlesque, lovely ladies and all the bloody goings on.

Blood Wrestling Sponsored by Kreepsville 666

Red Handed Spanking Booth

Vending by Crypt Keeper Creations, Sinister Sweets

Friday May 10th at Fitzgeralds in San Antonio!

Did you want to be a part of this DVD and event?  You don't have to be from San Antonio to be involved!  Let us help your company by getting your name out there to the 5,000+ people invited to the event and our 11,000+ fan base!  Here are the packages:

  • $125 - SHIRT SPONSORSHIP:  You will get a copy of the DVD, a Blood Lust shirt, your name in the ending DVD credits, and your company name on the back of the Blood Lust Shirt!

  • $175 - PROMO SPONSORSHIPYou will get all of the shirt sponsorship perks and you will also get your logo on Fliers, Posters, & Sponsor screen at the beginning of the DVD.


  • $300 - BLOOD WRESTLING SPONSORSHIP:  You will get all of the Shirt & Promo sponsorship perks as well as your logo/name emblazed in vinyl on the blood wrestling pool for all attendees and DVD viewers to see.  You will also have your logo on the back of the DVD as a sponsor. 

  • $500 - VIP DVD INSERT SPONSORSHIP:  You will get ALL of the above perks and your advertising on the front of back of the DVD flier insert.  This would be awesome for your movie, your clothing line, your tattoo shop, etc.  Every customer who opens their DVD will see your ad inside.  You can also double this sponsorship if you want front and back for just $750.  Great way to show the fans all your clothing line styles or all the DVD's you sell through your company etc.

Contact us at: for more details!

Ghouls Night Out: Official B&W Zine Issue Sponsor!

Ghouls Night Out Fest 2013
When I first imagined the B&W issue I was going for high quality paper and artists just like our regular magazine but in a B&W format.  Recently I realized the error in my ways.  Why just be a little different when you could go back to the roots?  Zines are an awesome way for people to get all their art and writing and whatever creative imaginings out in the public.  I've also always been attracted to heavily xeroxed images.  The grain to me is a thing of beauty.  So it was decided then.  The B&W issue was going to be a Zine version of the same old Gore Noir Magazine you've come to hate.

Now what were we going to cover?  Well.. Bands and Zines go together like PB&J right?  I've always wanted to cover more bands but just never had the space.  The regular GN mag leans more towards Art and Photography so this would be the perfect format to give all these awesome bands that have been hitting us up a chance to get printed.  So we're DIY'ing this sonovabitch and cut and pasting it all together.  We've already got the cover.  The bands have been pouring in.  What's next?  I'm missing something here aren't I?

Suzi Rubbish by Obscuri
Oh yea fucking advertising!  Well I wanted to go 32 pages with this issue.  Keep costs down and we won't be too high on glue sticks after we're done.  I also don't want to cut any of these bands or artists out.. What do I do?  Fuck it we'll just go with one sponsor/advertiser on the back page and give the people what they want..  Lots and lots of content with pretty much no ads.  AND that my friends is where we are at!  This is where Matt from Ghouls Night Out steps in and snags up the opportunity right off the bat.  We now have an awesome sponsor in Ghouls Night Out Fest!  It's perfect... These guys bring you the best in horror music every year in their festival.. And we were going to be bringing you the best in horror music in a Zine.  Perfect fit!

Expect TONS of horror bands to browse through.  Some really cool B&W art, and that sweet cut and paste quality.  This issue doesn't have a due date as of yet but when I'm 80% done I'll start doing presales and I'll post to the Facebook page

Full digital version of issue 2

Here's our second issue which although primitive in design gives you a bit of an idea of what our magazine covers.  We are now working on issue 8 and have come a long way since we put issue 2 together.  We still have advertising available in issue 8 if you'd like to inquire about advertising send us an email to: Have a gander!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

A pile of random parts..

It's March!  What does March mean?  Well it means that a bunch of people will attempt to be Irish and drink their faces off and probably end up losing all their corned beef in some random back alley.  It also means that Blood Thirsty Thursdays is coming up and this time around they are showing Killer Klowns from Outer Space!  We will be there in some capacity.  Probably giving away the stickers at the left and watching the movie.  We'll bring some mags if you want to buy some but I don't think we'll be vending.  I wanna watch the damn movie!

This year is going to be busy as all shit.  I want to come out with multiple special issues outside of our regular every 3 month deal.  Give the people something to dine their eyes on while we are working on the regular issues and stuff.  The first idea is a Zine like the days of old.  I'm thinking mostly horror bands and some interesting art maybe some hot ladies of course but all black and white and xeroxed looking.  We are even going to have them print it at Kinko's on some regular paper maybe a bit thicker so it doesn't show from side to side but you get the idea!  All DIY and cut and paste and lovely.  I also want to work on a "to hot for the regular version" mag which will basically be a bunch of ladies just as their momma made them. 

We are also trying to get into Texas Frightmare (we are on a waiting list) and if we can't get in as a vendor we'll be there as regular shmoes.  We are also working on being a part of Lonestar Comic Con.  So hopefully that happens so we can hang out and have the ladies from The Black Dahlia Haunting, Devanny Pinn and Alexis Iaconno signing some of our issue #7 that they are featured in.  If you want to buy issue 7 or the leprechaun stickers or some raffle tickets that we are still selling hit the link: