Thursday, September 17, 2015

Mascara Machettes Model Interview

mascara machettes Gore Noir:  Thank you for sitting down with us lady!  How's life treating you?

Mascara Machettes:  Life is treating me very well, I cant complain, still pumping that red!!

GN:  We love all your bloody photos!  What draws you to the red stuff?

MM:  I've been drawn to it since a young age, 9 years old to be exact.  call me a creep, but it's definitely part of who I am (figurative and literally). The depth, the color, the contrast, the way it looks on skin, the way it drips and splatters, it all fascinates me. Its like I fell in love with blood XD

GN:  I see you like to do SFX makeup, when did you first get into it?

mascara machettes
MM:  As a matter of fact, I tried my hand at SFX for the first time a couple months ago! I didn't realize how well I knew my way around a gash or big flap of torn skin, until the first time I tried it.  I tend to study a lot of the stuff I look at in an image, I don't just simply " look" at it, I think that's aided me in learning a lot of the stuff I do for hobbies. I'm a figure-it-out-yourself type ghoul. Find the skeletons in things.

GN:  Is that an X-men tattoo I see on you?  Big comic book fan?  Favorite villain?

MM:  It IS an X-men tattoo!! My big brother was a big comic fan, so naturally, I would get into his stuff and check it out. I always LOVED the X-men! I always wished I had some sort of power like they did. I recently found out (3 years ago) that I am, in fact, A MUTANT. I have Factor Five Leiden Mutation, which is a genetic blood mutation that cause the blood to clot unnaturally fast. I always had trouble giving blood, as they had a hard time filling up a whole bag because my blood would clot inside the needle. When I was in high school giving blood in the gym, they had to stop because I stopped bleeding, they took the needle out and a gelatin needle shaped blood clot slipped out, laying on my arm. It was pretty bad ass. Favorite villain??? She's on the fence but by far my favorite character- Jean Gray: The Phoenix. Live, Die, Reborn stronger than ever, so totes relatable! XD

GN:  Let's talk horror..  I mean we run a horror magazine supposedly..  Give us a list of your favorite horror films!
mascara machettes

MM:  My favorites would include: Halloween, Texas Chainsaw Massacres- all of em-  Carrie, Blair Witch Project, The Shining, The Descent, Insidious, The Evil Dead, Army of Darkness (more of a comedy but meh) same with Cabin in the Woods and Cabin Fever, Shaun of the Dead. I love those

GN:  What kinds of horror shoots do you have liked up or that you want to do? 

MM:  We just did a double concept shoot yesterday! It made my soul feel good to get back into some blood. It's a "Living Dead Girl" concept, first she was alive, cooking and cleaning for all you bastards,  then she was dead...but alive, reining Queen of the Damned ;) There's going to be a private art showing for it at Art Inspired Gallery in Springfield, Mo, closer to Halloween. I'm pretty stoked, I've never been the focus of a gallery before, so I kind of want to puke a little, too, hahah. Can't wait to see what RoadRageProductions comes up with. Tasty little nugget of info, there's a real heart and tongue in these..
funny, cheesy ones. The House on Haunted Hill for some reason.. All the Nightmares on Elm Street, Deliverance, yes, I say its horror XD, Wrong Turns- I have a thing for back woods horror haha. I just recently, believe it or not, watched Hell Raiser 1,2 and 3 for the first time ever!! I LOVED THEM! First one was the best.

mascara machettes

GN:  Throw out some links and give us some parting words!


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mascara machettes
mascara machettes
mascara machettes

Wednesday, September 2, 2015


If you've followed us for awhile you'll know that we try to push the envelope with our magazine.  We don't want to be your run of the mill magazine showing everybody the same tired movies that are coming out with a cover that features whatever new movie paid us enough to have the cover.  SO WHAT DO WE DO?  We add a SCRATCH N SNIFF cover to our repertoire!  I mean why wouldn't you want to be able to smell what the TARMAN is cookin'?

We like paying homage to the artists, the 80's blood fests, the amazing people that helped shape our horror landscape today.  One of those influencial movies for me was Return of the Living Dead.  Tarman is arguably one of the most iconic movie zombies out there right?  Well in our issue #14 we get to not only interview the man inside the Tarman suit Allan Trautman, but also the man who designed the iconic look of Tarman: William Stout.  Alongside these amazing talents is the SCREAM QUEEN Linnea Quigley, aka Trash.

Throw in a bunch of awesome artists, such as Munk One (cover) & Andrew P. Barr,  who also pay respects to the movie, and you have one awesome issue ahead of you!  We also have interviews with Vince Ripper and the Rodent show, Calabrese, Glenn Hetrick, Pallbearer Press, Kat Wilson, and more!  This issue is not to be missed!  The only way to guarantee yourself a SCRATCH N SNIFF Tarman cover is to PREORDER YOUR COPY!  We can't guarantee there will be any leftover..