Thursday, December 30, 2010

Layout madness!

Updates updates updates you'll be getting many more soon!  The pages are chock full of bloody goodness.  Did you think we'd give you anything less?  I'm in a whirlwind of designing madness fueled by XXX vitamin waters and microwaved white castle burgers.  If you'd like a change from the bloodiness go ahead and check out my LF clothing facebook we've got plenty of lovely ladies vying for the chance to be named a Lucky Fuck model!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

More pages!

Here's a preview of Jm Grimm's 2 page spot in the first issue of Gore Noir!  Hope you guys like what you're seeing so far!  I personally can't wait to see what the finished product is going to look like and we're getting more and more awesome people joining the team and submitting their works for the first and all the issues following.  Exciting times people!  If you are a fan please let your friends know!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Magazine Layout

As I'm getting the material in I'm working on the magazine layouts.  What you see to the left is Undead Ed's spot in Gore Noir!  I'll leak some more of the different pages as they're completed as well as the new people who are joining our family as they come in as well.  I'm really excited to see it all coming together and I can't wait to see what the finished product looks like!  Expect each page to be bloodier then the last and there to be lots of lovely dead and undead ladies!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Stellar Corpses

First show I went to that the Stellar Corpses were playing I wasn't even planning on attending.  Two friends and I made the hour trip to Santa Cruz for a Three Bad Jacks show.  Find parking and we're walking down Pacific avenue not really knowing where the Blue Lagoon is and we hear music pumping from a club with a bunch of rockabilly kids hangin' out front.  This must be the place.  The kid out front offers to hook us up for half price and we take the deal.  Once we get inside there's a poster and its obvious that this is the wrong club.  Five bucks a head isn't bad, so whatever, we keep moving down the street to the Blue Lagoon and end up splitting our time between both clubs.  5 dollars for a shot of Jack and a PBR at Blue Lagoon so about 5 or 6 of those later we're in the pit listening to the Stellar Corpses rock the fuck out of a pretty sizable crowd.  Pretty wild night and I got some broken ribs as a souvenir.  If yer good boys and girls I'll let you hear the story of the Stellar Corpses Gilman show and a nightmare on elm street conversation.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Winged Creations

Giving new meaning to the term "triple threat", Ariana of Winged Creations is a photographer, models, and make up artist.  For the purpose of brevity and just because we could probably fill a whole magazine if we covered all her many talents we'll be focusing on her more murderous photos.  The thing that drew me to her photography was her amazing ability to mix beauty with blood and make it look effortless.  Stay tuned for her Gore Noir spot in the first mag!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Horror head gear

If HR Giger ever got into medieval hospital torture device fashion these are the works he'd come up with.  I want one of Kasie's pieces just so I can go grab a slurpee and a kit kat at 711 late night.  I just hope that the clerk is wearing adult diapers.  Clean up on aisle 2!  Did I mention she's from Poland?  Cause she is.. They probably based the second Hostel on her..

Cold Blue Rebels

I was down in Santee California (dont worry if you dont know where that is I was calling it San Diego the whole time) and as me and my buddy drunkenly staggered out of our hotel room we noticed our next door neighbors were getting all done up zombie-like.  Little did we know our neighbors were Mickey Finn lead singer and Joe Normal from CBR.  They were going on stage in less than an hour and the girls still needed their bloody zombie make up applied and Mickey's mohawk was yet to make its glourious appearance.  We introduced ourselves I told em about my clothing line and said our ourevoir we'd see them on stage.. Not really realizing what we were in store for.  We met up with some other friends at the spot and 2 songs into the Cold Blue Rebels set I realized I was groovin to the music and wanted to see who it was.  With my first glimpse of the stage I saw The Pumpkin King (Mickey) on his knees with some hot undead zombie in his face.  To me CBR sounds like a cross between The Cramps and Gene Vincent with a little down home country making its appearance throughout.  Just listening to their cd isnt enough you have to have the whole experience and see them live.  So do yourself a favor and go see em.. or if you don't see that they are playing your home town.  Book them! 

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Undead Ed and his Rot Tots

Ah childhood memories!  Remember getting up extra early on Christmas morning and waking up your parents so you could open up your toys?  Those were the good old days.  Alright now imagine those same toys were possessed by demons and were devising a plot to plunge earth into darkness.  Yea that's what the Rot Tots bring to the table.  Zombie my little pony is your thing?  Got you covered..  Wanna see Hello Kitty suffering from rigor mortis?  No problem!  You'll see lots of these little creatures in the first issue (and probably subsequent issues of) Gore Noir.

The Bone Room

“Oh those bones, oh those bones. Oh mercy how they scare!” This is the song that pops into my head when I think about The Bone Room. Located in Berkeley, CA The Bone Room will fulfill all your skeletal and creepy crawly cravings. Their store selection covers everything from jewelry, fossils, bugs, and even REAL HUMAN bones. Check out more spine chilling goodies at and keep an eye out for their interview in Gore Noir’s first issue.

Zombie is undead entertainment

My first encounter with anything "zombie" was Alyse Pierce wearing one of his shirts.  Brilliant advertising by the way.  Finally being able to hear his music (notice i say his?  zombie is a one man band) I've gotta say I was damn impressed.  Add in zombie's comedic updates on facebook and you've got a full entertainment package that you can be a part of.  Head over to and add the facebook page and look out for an interview in the first issue of Gore Noir mag.

The Gritty Jm Grimm

If you took the prom queen, dragged her through the gutter, got her hooked on the hard stuff, and pumped her full of attitude you'd still only be about half way to the level that Grimm brings out in his subjects.  Our fellow Bay Area photographer manages to capture the griminess without making it look as contrived as you see with others.  It makes you think.. Maybe these are just candid snapshots like you'd take at Christmas dinner but instead of turkey and stuffing we've got jack daniels, smut, and cigarettes on our plate.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Barely Rotten Girls

The nazi regime that is Facebook deleted their fan page (and deleted my clothing companies page too) but that won't keep them down.  They're back from the dead and looking to snack on a brain near you.  Did I mention they are the hottest undead girls around?  Expect them to be gracing quite a few pages of our first mag and following issues as well.

Mohawkian zombie masterpiece

Sculpting madman Aris (or BOULARIS on deviant art) has an awesome imagination and an even more gruesomely wicked hand for making these detailed monstrosities.  You'll see witches, zombies, aliens, wolves, you name it it'll be featured in his article in Gore Noir magazine coming soon!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Transcendental terror: Anathema Photography

If there was one photographer that could take all my worst nightmares, jot them down and make them come to life it would be Anathema Photography.  That's exactly how you feel when you are viewing one of her masterpieces:  like you're in a horrible night terror.  I'm just glad for two things, 1. I'm able to present you with some of her works in the first Gore Noir magazine and 2. She is continuing to make awesome horror imagery.  Remember!  We are still looking for writers, artists, photographers, models, and tattoos/tattoo artists with a horror twist for our first mag!  email:

Bludgeoned to death with a sharpie

I think the thing about Phil's (Manomatul on deviant art) artwork that makes it most terrifying is that it feels like you're being transported into a killers head.  There's no flirting with realism, no playing footsies with color, only raven black and blood red on a white background.  It's raw and primal without making excuses.  In the world of computer art and with everything coming out of Hollywood being 3D these days I find Phil's work refreshing.  See more of Phil's work in the first issue of Gore Noir magazine.  Stay tuned.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Horror culture magazine

One of the first artists to be interested in being included in the upcoming Gore Noir magazine is Kosart Effects.  Mr. Kosar has some amazing digital art and even more amazing masks and special effects make up.  Click on the link to check out his deviantart page and stay tuned for the article featuring his works and interview.  If you are interested in becoming a part of our horror magazine email me at: