Saturday, March 26, 2011

Brent Engstrom

It's really tough for anyone when you have big shoes to fill or people have expectations based on something from their childhood.  Garbage Pail Kids were a part of my childhood that I remember vividly.  My Grandma would go get her hair done and I'd get a pack or two of garbage pail kids.  Brent Engstrom's style not only lives up to the classic Garbage Pail Kids style but I believe it takes it up a notch and sets the bar all that much higher.  When you blend something like classic horror characters with GPK style well..  check out the photo to the left to see..  You'll be seeing more of Brent in the second issue of Gore Noir and until then take a look at his personal website and buy some stuff!

Friday, March 25, 2011

people still do that?

I don't know exactly what killed the written letter.. was it the telephone or email?  I think it was more of a one two punch if you ask me.  Either way I tried finding an email or some contact information for one of the best more horrifying artists to traumatize my childhood:  Stephen Gammell.  I for the life of me couldn't find an email ANYWHERE!  Oh noooo!  The only thing that popped up was a PO BOX and I can't NOT get this awesome artists work into my magazine right?  RIGHT?  So I wipped out one of those old things called a pen and put it to that stuff called paper. (this stuff has lines on it!  and it doesn't get fed into your printer! GASP!)  After several cramps in my hands/fingers (guess those bad boys just hadn't dealt with that much writing in a long time) I had a finished letter!  Now I send and wait.. and wait.. and wait..  I hope he gets back to me because I think it'd complete my whole existence if he did.. Do I sound like much of a fan boy?  lol!  I'll include some of his artwork below so you can become a fan boy or fan girl or if you already know who he is you can take a walk down memory lane.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Blood Art of Dr. Rev

I may be weird but whenever I have a bloody nose I like dripping a bit of the blood in the sink and taking a picture of it.  I've even gone as far as to drip some on a piece of paper and fold it to make a sort of "bloody" rorschach.  You could say I have a thing for blood.  Taking it to a whole higher level is Dr. Rev and his paintings.  He blends traditional painting and air brushing together to create beautiful crimson works of art.  Did I mention he uses his own blood as paint?  Check out our second issue (the first issue should be available shortly) of Gore Noir to see the process this artist goes through to create a bloody masterpiece.

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Monday, March 21, 2011

80% done with first issue!

From the beginning I've told myself there was no deadline for the first issue.  I wanted to put the right foot forward and make sure the first issue wasn't rushed.  With that said we are 80% done with our first foot and it's looking pretty right.  I have nothing against left feet but the old adage doesn't say "put the left foot forward" so sorry lefty!  We are just trying to get our communal feet in the door here at Gore Noir magazine and I don't want to mess up a possibly good thing and then end up having to put my foot in my mouth you know? 

Monday, March 7, 2011

Torture Couture - Devilish Jewelry

I'm a huge fan of jewelry even though I wear absolutely none myself. (maybe its because I'm a guy)  I've came up with ideas for several pieces and Torture Couture pretty much makes jewelry in line with the styles that pop into my head.  They make anything from hair accessories to rings and necklaces, all with a dark twist of course.  Did I mention they get the most beautiful models to work for them?  And they get all bloody and evil in the photos?  Well they do!  Look for more pictures of their beautiful models and an interview in the first issue of Gore Noir Magazine!

Friday, March 4, 2011

The Enigma - Sideshow Extroardinare

First impressions..  Double takes.. Odd questions.. Wonder.. Curiosity..  The Enigma is a walking billboard for his own imagination.  Most people just want their thoughts and ideas to be seen or heard by other people.  Enigma puts it all out there on his skin.  He performs in a sideshow with other extraordinary people (who just may make an appearance in the photos we'll cross our fingers) He's been on X-files, featured on Ripley's Believe It or Not..  The list goes on and now we bring you The Enigma's horror fan side.  We'll have an interview and horror themed photoshoot with the man himself.  Are you excited?  I sure as hell am