Saturday, August 31, 2013

Horror Culture Challenge (Facebook/Instagram)

Grab this and post it to your Facebook/Instagram!
September 1st we start our Horror Culture Challenge on Facebook and Instagram!  We'll be posting photos for our Favorite Horror Artist, Favorite FX Artist, Best Horror Photo, etc.  Each number marks a new day in the challenge all the way up to the 30th day.  You can play along and grab the image here in this blog and post it to Facebook or Instagram.. Or both!  You then post a photo each day based on the categories given.  Tag each of your posts with #horrorculturechallenge & #gorenoirmag and complete the challenge for your chance to win some prizes!  Not everyone will win but if you're one of only 5 that makes it through your chances are high!!  You can also start the challenge late we won't dock you for that.  We'll pick our winners on October 15th so you have some time!  Ready to play?  If you also tag @gorenoirmag and follow us we'll like your photo and throw a comment your way.