Saturday, July 16, 2011

Diamond Dolls get bloody for Gore Noir

Photo by: Gary Roberts
The Diamond Dolls were wonderful enough to do a photoshoot for Lucky Fuck Clothing and they couldn't help but get bloody for Gore Noir Magazine as well..  I mean all the ladies out there like getting bloody messy right?  Well the Diamond Dolls and photographer Gary Roberts took it to a whole new level.. 

Stumbling across a house full of hot women is one thing..  add cannibalism to that soft core porn script and you've just gone horror..  I'm sure Quentin Tarantino is already working on this one haha!  Or maybe Gore Noir should be?  We got any willing videographers? :D  Did I just make up a new word?

You will love the pictures I have in store for you kids in the next magazine!  You'll want to subscribe so you can get issue #1 and all the Diamond Doll bloody goodness in issue #2  SUBSCRIBE/BUY HERE!!

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