Saturday, July 9, 2011

Freak Alternative Photography

As I was gathering up people for the next 2 issues of the magazine I came across Freak Alternative Photography.  The images pretty much speak for themselves.  They are very much pieces of Hollywood movie posters that were ripped out of that genre and displayed for us with a dab of surrealism to make us feel more comfortable at night.  I mean who would be able to get a wink of sleep if Mickey Mouse eared serial killers were stalking the avenues and alleyways?  I sure the fuck wouldn't..

The first thing that popped into my head (and you must forgive me for going off topic.. well actually screw your forgiveness I do what I want!) was "Mickey Mouse is dead.. Got kicked in the head.."  So now not only was I looking through some pretty gruesome photos but I was also playing a Crass soundtrack to them.  Many mental, ocular, and audio orgasms later I was hooked on Freak Alternatives stuff.  You will see for yourself once you buy issue #2 of the magazine.

And on the subject of issue 2 you can purchase a subscription which will allow you to receive the second issue before everyone else as well as issue 1 and subsequent issues.  (issue #2 is due out early sept) follow the link!

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