Thursday, July 19, 2012

Zombies.. Bloody bloody Zombies

Zombie Boy Rick Genest issue #5
 Lot's to talk about!  Our Zombie issue just dropped!  Featuring:  Greg Nicotero, Norman Reedus, Images of Zombie Boy Rick Genest, Matt Mogk, Zombie Research Society, Mister Sam, King Zombie, Goatboy, Melissa Laroue, James Hanks Photography, Brian Hillard, Well Zombie, Beat Black, A Pretty Piece of Flesh, Zombie Manor Arlington.. and a ton of other people!  This issue is amazing!  First time we've ever done a dual cover magazine!  Zombie Boy Rick Genest is on one side and Matt Mogk creator of the Zombie Research Society is on the other.  These are available on our website and are selling out fast! GET YOURS!

Issue #6 is almost ready to hit the streets.. Yes streets.. Because we are getting a nice pump in the distribution area!  We are signing our names on the dotted line to possibly receive worldwide distribution.  For now just purchase from the website above and sign up for subscriptions to make sure you get all your issues.  Issue #6 will also have an alternative grindhouse inspired cover featuring Layla Marie as shot by Jm Grimm of the Grimm City Girls.  Only way to get this issue will be through our site so keep your eyes peeled.

Matt Mogk Zombie Research Society
With such a bump in distribution we will need lots and lots of advertisers to take advantage of our new readers that will be coming on board.  Best time to do that is NOW!  email us at: and get signed up for 3 or 6 blocks of issues to lock in that low price and take advantage of our growing readership and distribution!  If you can only afford 1 issue that's perfectly fine will will still offer discounts for repeat advertisers if you can only advertise once or twice a year.  We are here to help you get noticed!
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As always if you have things that you'd love to see in the magazine let us know.  Would you like to see us at a convention?  Or your event?  Let us know!  If we can make it out we will if not who knows we might be able to send you some promo materials!

Issue #6 Featuring Under Blue Lights

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