Friday, November 29, 2013

A HORRORday Shopping Guide

I compiled a list of some of my personal favorite shops and artists to help you shop for your ghoulfriends, or even yourself...I always buy my self a present or two while shopping for others. Some of these shops just happen to be having sales, even better. It's important to support artists, and small businesses, and shop local, and blah blah all've all heard let's just get to the STUFF! 

Local Austin handmade clothing and accessories. A two man team hand sewing and printing all of their designs with 100% customizable options. OH THE OPTIONS!!! Their size range is vast fitting xxxs to xxxl. You can get custom fabric colors, lengths, and prints in all the colors under the sun. With the wide variety of designs, prints, and custom options its hard to narrow it why not take advantage of their black firday sale and buy two...or thirty! 

Black Friday Sale! 

Enter coupon code “blackfriday” to get 50% off of your order over $40
IMPORTANT: You must create account/login to the site for the coupon to work! Expires 12am cst 12/30.

Deadlines to get it by Christmas
USA Orders- December 11th (Standard shipping)
International Orders-December 1st (Priority) -or- December 9th (Express)
**They are taking LIMITED QUANTITIES of rush orders for both domestic and international customers, so get on it QUICK if you want it sooner. Email request before ordering!**

Local alternative clothing shop run by two lovely ladies with new, used, and even some handmade items...they even stock Gore Noir Magazine. They always have a variety of horror movie t-shirts, and cute clothing for those who have a darker sense of fashion. They have all of the accouterments and accessories you need to add to your all black wardrobe, and even a few things for the home. 

Stop by the shop Friday, or Saturday to take advantage of their in store black friday sale, OR if you are not local you can also take advantage of the savings online!

On Friday, they are taking 30% off anything with black on it.
On Saturday, they are taking 20% off anything with black on it. 

voucher code for Friday is BLACK FRIDAY.
voucher code for Saturday is SHOP LOCAL SATURDAY.

Have you been keeping track of all of the awesome things Kreepsville has put out since we featured them last year!? I have, and boy am I excited to talk about them again. They have expanded into leggings and new dress designs, with all kinds of horrific prints to please any horror heads on your list. The sewn flesh, and the eyeball prints have to be my favorites! Just go there and have a peek...things for both boils and ghouls, and even the baby bats! Guess what!? They too are having a black friday sale that lasts from the 29th through the 1st of December. 

Enter code BLACK13 to redeem

Starts 28th November 2013 until Sunday 1st Dec 2013

Hyaena Gallery

Have you ever been to Hyaena Gallery? No? WHY THE HELL NOT!? Hyaena is located in Burbank, CA and is the only (to my knowledge) Gallery of it's kind. Dark and horror art lines ever inch of Hyaena's walls....and where the wall space ends there is even more art. Hyaena is having an interesting sale today....there are 15 pieces of art, and 15 raffle tickets each costing $215.00...they will draw the tickets determining the order of which winners can pick their art. This is an interesting way to get art at a discounted price, without the artists getting the short end of the stick. You can also pick up other regularly priced items in store, or online. Definitely a must visit place if you live in, near, or will be visiting the area. Ask the owner, Bill, to do some magic tricks!

Taxidermy artist out of California. Super creepy and weird specimens, obtained without cruelty.

Handmade pillows, kitchen accessories, and many other home decor elements. Tons of items, tons of designs and prints, great customer service. They will be having a cyber monday sale, so follow them on facebook for all the details....Go check their facebook before 10pm today and look for the detail on a giveaway! 

LA area artist who creates horror, and kitchy paintings, 3D, and jewelry art. 

30% off with code BLACK30, expires tonight! 

Horror merch has just about anything and everything horror...from shirts to toys, shot glasses to sneakers you can find it here...and HOT DAMN they are having sales too! 

25% off everything with code BLACKFRIDAY at check out....

Pizza Party Printing

One of many indie printing shops I will list here. Obviously their rad name and logo speak for themselves and had me sold upon hearing it from my buddy Jaysin (of City of Horror) They have an interesting artistic style and have used it to create some really sick t-shirts of some of my favorite horror and scifi films. Please make a logo shirt, thanks. They have a sale going on this weekend, too... 

Enter code: PIZZASALE at checkout and get 25% off of every non-clearance item in your cart! 

AMAZING intricately designed puzzle boxes, available in static and MUSICAL versions. Just....look at them...

Atomic Cotton

VERY COOL, VERY NICE owners. Another awesome t-shirt bizz. They, like most of the others, create all of the artwork and do all of the printing themselves. I really love Erica's design aesthetic, so simply, yet so eye catching, and always unique. Check out Erica's interview in our 9th issue. They also have an etsy page with other handmade goodies.

Unique horror inspired clothing. Highly recommend! Great customer service, and shirts come in a little coffin box with some extras, so just tie a ribbon around it and it looks great under the tree....or you can VERY CAREFULLY wrap one...I did it. It looks killer, but it wasn't easy. I adore Jaysin and is INTERESTING sense of humor, do yourself a favor and check out his interview in issue #9. Two hoots and a holler? Psssh....not even close.

Enter code "allblack" to get 25% off your entire order Friday only!

Texas based horror and comic artist. Get signed and numbered prints shellacked onto a wooden plaque, original art, and even t-shirts! 

Rotten Cotton

For any friends reading this, THIS is where I got my HP Lovecraft shirt (which now also comes in full color) They're based in Texas, and our friend and first gore noir girl, Marcy Horror, has modeled for them. VAST selection, and they even have "ladies sizes". Woohoo.

One of my putrid picks...I'm a HUGE fan of this designer. Her clothes are impeccably made, and make me feel so hot when I wear them. She creates beautiful garments our of band, and horror film t-shirts, but has started creating new designs without the use of t-shirts. She seems to always be evolving and coming up with something new. A LITTLE on the pricey side, but the quality and customer service is well worth the price. She is on Etsy, but also check out her new website 

Spooky Crafts by Miss Wendy 13!

Handcrafted jewelry, hair accessories, hand painted boxes and plaques all with a cute yet creepy vibe. I love this lady and I love her work! She was featured in issue #3 (no longer in print) 


Another putrid pick...3D, Multimedia sculptures and paintings. 

The official Vampira store.

Pick up some rare prints of Maila's own artwork, or photos of her beautiful face. Every now and them they have some other items up for sale.

The Art of Christoper Ott, London 1888

T-shirts and prints of horror inspired art. His work is on the cover of our 10th issue, pre-order up nowcoming

Contrived to Charm

Luxurious hand tooled leather goods. Not exactly horror, but I had to include this shop on the list. If you want to get someone something REALLY NICE that is going to last, try getting them a batwing belt, or boot straps instead of a tired old piece of jewelry from Kay. Obviously not for any vegans or folks opposed to wearing leather on your list...

Parlor Tattoo Prints

You've probably seen one, or a collection of these around the internet. Well now you can buy them from the artist herself! These paintings are so rad...Tattoo flash style, but with all of your favorite horror icons (Classic, and modern classics alike)

Well of course we have to plug our own stuff! We have art prints, candles, stickers, buttons, t-shirts, and of course magazines....get your orders in by December 14th if you want to try and get them in time for Christmas! 

I may add a few more things to the list within the week, so come back and see between now and next friday. Happy Holidays, whatever you worship or celebrate is cool with us....just don't get preachy!

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