Thursday, December 3, 2015

CryptTV Krampus-izing the poor unsuspecting folks out in Snapchat land!!

Wanna get turned into Krampus?  Well this post might be too late to get you turned into him..  But check out what CryptTV has got going on their Snapchat!  It's all in honor of the Krampus Movie that's coming out!  The movie hits theaters Friday Dec. 4th!  Now browse through these mugshots and go follow @CryptTV on Snapchat!

What do you guys think about the recent popularity of Krampus?  I think he's a bad ass and we should see lots more of him.  I'd like to see lots and lots of bloody kids getting torn apart by hairy hands.  I mean have you seen that story about the good folks at Walmart changing the title of Christmas Horror Story to Holiday Horror Story?  I wonder how much it cost them to create those DVD covers?  Maybe more money than was actually put into creating that movie in the first place?  I definitely see a lot of direct to DVD/Redbox/Netflix horrible horror movies out there.  Who's making these?  These are just some questions popping up in my mind as I probably should be sleeping now.  Will the REAL Krampus please stand up?

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