Monday, December 20, 2010

Stellar Corpses

First show I went to that the Stellar Corpses were playing I wasn't even planning on attending.  Two friends and I made the hour trip to Santa Cruz for a Three Bad Jacks show.  Find parking and we're walking down Pacific avenue not really knowing where the Blue Lagoon is and we hear music pumping from a club with a bunch of rockabilly kids hangin' out front.  This must be the place.  The kid out front offers to hook us up for half price and we take the deal.  Once we get inside there's a poster and its obvious that this is the wrong club.  Five bucks a head isn't bad, so whatever, we keep moving down the street to the Blue Lagoon and end up splitting our time between both clubs.  5 dollars for a shot of Jack and a PBR at Blue Lagoon so about 5 or 6 of those later we're in the pit listening to the Stellar Corpses rock the fuck out of a pretty sizable crowd.  Pretty wild night and I got some broken ribs as a souvenir.  If yer good boys and girls I'll let you hear the story of the Stellar Corpses Gilman show and a nightmare on elm street conversation.

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