Friday, December 17, 2010

Cold Blue Rebels

I was down in Santee California (dont worry if you dont know where that is I was calling it San Diego the whole time) and as me and my buddy drunkenly staggered out of our hotel room we noticed our next door neighbors were getting all done up zombie-like.  Little did we know our neighbors were Mickey Finn lead singer and Joe Normal from CBR.  They were going on stage in less than an hour and the girls still needed their bloody zombie make up applied and Mickey's mohawk was yet to make its glourious appearance.  We introduced ourselves I told em about my clothing line and said our ourevoir we'd see them on stage.. Not really realizing what we were in store for.  We met up with some other friends at the spot and 2 songs into the Cold Blue Rebels set I realized I was groovin to the music and wanted to see who it was.  With my first glimpse of the stage I saw The Pumpkin King (Mickey) on his knees with some hot undead zombie in his face.  To me CBR sounds like a cross between The Cramps and Gene Vincent with a little down home country making its appearance throughout.  Just listening to their cd isnt enough you have to have the whole experience and see them live.  So do yourself a favor and go see em.. or if you don't see that they are playing your home town.  Book them! 

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