Friday, October 21, 2011

Full Moon Entertainment Event Gary Busey Tommy Chong

As Halloween gets closer in Hollywood all the horror gets ramped up to the extreme.  It's the perfect time of year for Gore Noir magazine to wiggle it's way into the scene and let people know what we are about.  We arrived at the venue which was Meltdown Comics on Sunset (we walked there that's how close to our house it is) and we were greeted by one of Full Moon's employees who handed us our press passes and we slid in and as we were early we got to snap some shots of the scenery.

Everyone was pretty much there to see Gary Busey, Charles Band, and Tommy Chong so we stood around for a bit.. handed out some business cards and stickers and finally Tommy came in with his wife along with him.  Seemed like a very nice guy he signed a few things and posed for pictures like a champ.  Next person to come in was Gary Busey..  I've always thought this guy was a nut..  AND IT'S NOW CONFIRMED..  My girlfriend and fellow Gore Noir coworker got a GingerDead Man DVD for him to sign (We have some pictures of him signing the dolls that will go in the mag) and apparently he couldn't hear us as we handed him a free mag.. he just looked at it blankly..  and picked up his sharpie as if to sign it..  And when I tried to get loud and tell him ITS FREE.. He said "JUST WAIT!"..  NUTSO!

We also met Corpsey from Girls and Corpses magazine (awesome mag by the way i've always had much respect for these guys they put out some innovative cool shit) and we exchanged magazines and talked about banner exchanges and all that fun stuff.

All in all it was a good time and we came home with some Full Moon DVDs to watch and some stories to tell..  and we got our hollywood horror feet wet.

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