Tuesday, December 11, 2012


We recently moved from California to Texas and on our way we stopped off in Tucson Arizona to sleep for a bit and head out the next day.  We had a 16ft Budget Truck that we had rented, and our car which was on a 4 wheel trailer being towed behind it.  We woke up the next day only to find a pile of broken glass where all our worldly possession once were.  We called the police.  Made a report and later that night they found our car.  Thankfully we wouldn't have to spend 1,200 on a car rental (Expensive as hell right?!) or have one of our friends in Texas drive out and pick us up.  In the car was our 2 tarantulas and our leopard gecko Edgar Allen Poe along with my computer and our TV.  We now had a way to get back to Texas!  We stayed another night just to make sure that they wouldn't find the truck and they didn't so we left.  Once we got to Texas I got an account alert to my phone and I checked my banking account (which had been negative from a mix up at the budget truck rental company which I was going to straighten out once we hit Texas).  Someone had found some REALLY old checks in along with my paperwork and had written a check for $1,000.  I called Chase and they refunded the check amount pretty quickly.  I made a call and emailed the police department but got no word until today.  Today I was able to talk to the officer and she informed me they found the Budget truck on the 8th of this month.  A good 6 days after it was stolen.  It was completely empty with no signs of our products, our clothes, our furniture.  No nothing.

In order to keep bringing you our bloody best we will need some help.  We've set up an Indiegogo site for you to donate through.  If you can't donate we greatly appreciate you sharing our page and getting the word out so maybe we can get back on our feet and not skip a beat when it comes to producing our best horror magazine we can.

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