Sunday, August 9, 2020

Quarantine with Gore Noir Magazine! New Release Schedule!

Hello folks!  Thanks for taking the time to read about what we got coming up!  I have lots of exciting things coming up for all you people that love Gore Noir Magazine!  We will be doing regular merch and magazines releases from now on!  Every 17th of the month you'll see a new release go up for presale with the final product usually shipping out withing 2-6 weeks depending on what it is!  Last month we had our Limited Edition 3D slip cover of the Ghost issue go up for presale and it's been SELLING LIKE CRAZY!  This was limited to 333 copies and came with custom 3D glasses, 3 new trading cards, and some stickers!  Along with the 333 copies there is also a SUPER ULTRA LIMITED EDITION gold hand embossed cover that only 3 lucky people that order the issue will get!  That's right!  Someone will be the proud owner of a copy of the magazine that only has a print run of 3!  Super wild!

We have lots of plans to do limited runs like this and special editions.  Our next issue that will go up for presale on 8/17 at 3:33pm PST will be out Toilet Issue!  This will feature both Ghoulies and Street Trash with both front and back covers.  Ghoulies by Raymond Lowell will be one cover and Street Trash by Unusual Monsters the other.  These covers are amaaaaazing!  This issue will have a limited edition of 666 pcs.  There will also be a couple super limited edition versions with possibly a SUPER DUPER ULTRA LIMITED EDITION of ONLY ONE COPY!  More details to come!

What will we have in store for you for September, you ask?!  Who knows!!  And also this will be the MINIMUM release schedule we might even release MORE depending on how many of these releases you all go crazy for and share and buy up!  Make sure you set reminders for yourself every 17th of the month for our releases so you can get in on the presale and they don't SELL OUT!

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