Monday, August 20, 2012

Gore Noir West Coast 'Blood Bash' Tour

Photo: Jm Grimm Model: Layla Marie
CONFIRMED: First stop will be San Francisco January 12th Submission Gallery

If you've been around since the beginning times of Gore Noir you'll know that we like to have a little fun.  And by little fun I mean drinking tall cans of PBR, watching a few bands play, and having some scantily clad ladies roll around in blood.  In the beginning the blood wasn't all that great looking.  We were new at it.  So sue us.  Not to toot my own horn but the blood is now spot on!  We had people who were tuned in for Creepy Kofy Movie Time about to puke.  Ya I was pretty proud of that.  Click the link for the newest batch of blood:

So now what's up?  Well I'm knee deep in the process of planning a West Coast tour.  January 2013 will be the month for everyone to get painted red.  What else?  You all our pretty jaded right?  Where's the fucking explosions?  Hope it's not CG flames fuckin dammit!  We've got lots in store for anyone who is involved in the tour.  Want to roll around in blood?  Maybe you'll be lucky enough.  First weekend of January will be San Francisco bathed in red stuff.  It'll also be my birthday bash.  Second weekend will be Los Angeles.  Third weekend is Las Vegas.  Fourth weekend is San Diego.  Don't live in one of those towns?  Get a bunch of your friends together and pool your money and plan a road trip.  Or you can wait for the dvd to come out of all the blood wrestling.  It's up to you.  Oh wait I didn't mention we were coming out with a blood wrestling DVD?  Well we are.. So there's that.

Blood Booze Tattoos Bruises all that shit and more..  Want involved?  Wanna sponsor a show?  Want blood all over you and to be featured in a Gore Noir DVD? Email us and we'll talk shop.  don't just say "I wanna know about the ____"  Tell us what you can do for us.  Sell yourself!  Or just say "I got $500 bucks to sponsor yada yada" and we'll talk.


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