Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Bloody Boobs, Things, and Stuff

Now that I've got your attention I'm just going to show you a bunch of pictures and say some random shit about them.  Well shit..  That's pretty much what blogging is anyway right?  Half the time they aren't even telling you anything interesting anyway.  You've probably even stopped reading by now and have gone all A.D.D. on me and are just looking at the lovely ladies and the shitty art.  It's okay that's probably what I would have done as well.

Top left you'll see my photoshopping skills in action as I've compiled all 4 of the covers of the next 3 magazines..  3 magazines and 4 covers?  What the fuck?  Well the sick and depraved issue will have 2 covers (first 2) and then the 3rd one over is the 8th issue...  Everyone stare at the loveliness of the Godmachine cover..  Okay now the next one there is Black and White.  No your screen is fine it's actually black and white and will be in a "zine" format.  That means we'll be cutting and pasting to our hearts delight and giving you that freshly pasted feel to it.

Now to the left you'll see my ahmazin' artin skills at work.  This is the beginnings of a "metal" logo that I'm working on and will be featured on an alternative cover of the magazine..  Which issue you ask?  Fuck if I know..  Will there be shirts you ask?  Of fucking course!  Lots of lime green and white will be featured in the logo and subsequent art that will come with it.  The art I'm going to pass off to a better artist but I'm loving working on the logo itself.  *burp*  Well maybe we'll do a red version as well.  Make it look all bloody and shit..  Cause really you guys come here for the blood and boobs and not much else right?  Right?  Well shit..  That's fine..

So last but not least we had our Blood Lust event not too long ago and I'd like to thank Gaige and Suzi Rubbish for helping put this together!  I'd also like to thank Marcy Horror for coming out and blood wrestling for us!  She's going to be our first ever Gore Noir Girl and will be featured in issue 8.  There were so many awesome blood wrestlers that I would run out of space here in my ramblings to thank them all but you can see and "get to know" them in our upcoming Blood Lust DVD which will be out in about 3 months time.  Might take longer so don't quote me on that because we won't rush something just to put it out there.  We want it to be it's bloody best!  Below is an image of Marcy Horror and Crakka Jappa getting down in our pool of blood that ended up hemorrhaging blood..  The ladies were getting down like that!  Thanks for coming and interviewing us and shooting photos!

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