Saturday, March 2, 2013

A pile of random parts..

It's March!  What does March mean?  Well it means that a bunch of people will attempt to be Irish and drink their faces off and probably end up losing all their corned beef in some random back alley.  It also means that Blood Thirsty Thursdays is coming up and this time around they are showing Killer Klowns from Outer Space!  We will be there in some capacity.  Probably giving away the stickers at the left and watching the movie.  We'll bring some mags if you want to buy some but I don't think we'll be vending.  I wanna watch the damn movie!

This year is going to be busy as all shit.  I want to come out with multiple special issues outside of our regular every 3 month deal.  Give the people something to dine their eyes on while we are working on the regular issues and stuff.  The first idea is a Zine like the days of old.  I'm thinking mostly horror bands and some interesting art maybe some hot ladies of course but all black and white and xeroxed looking.  We are even going to have them print it at Kinko's on some regular paper maybe a bit thicker so it doesn't show from side to side but you get the idea!  All DIY and cut and paste and lovely.  I also want to work on a "to hot for the regular version" mag which will basically be a bunch of ladies just as their momma made them. 

We are also trying to get into Texas Frightmare (we are on a waiting list) and if we can't get in as a vendor we'll be there as regular shmoes.  We are also working on being a part of Lonestar Comic Con.  So hopefully that happens so we can hang out and have the ladies from The Black Dahlia Haunting, Devanny Pinn and Alexis Iaconno signing some of our issue #7 that they are featured in.  If you want to buy issue 7 or the leprechaun stickers or some raffle tickets that we are still selling hit the link:

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