Monday, February 18, 2013


 Lot's of randomness to update you all on!  We got back from filming our blood wrestling match for Creepy Kofy Movietime in the Bay Area (I'll let you all know when that is going to air) and we had one day of rest before it was off to San Antonio for Blood Thirsty Thursday's screening of My Bloody Valentine on.. you guessed it!  Valentine's Day!  We had so many cool people come by our table and purchase mags and hats and posters it was awesome!  We really felt the love.  So much so that we ran out of a few issues.. Didn't expect to sell all that many haha! 

Now on to the images you see up top and to the right!!  These are just mock ups and I'm not sure if we will be printing both colors.  I even had a concerned fan of Gore Noir Magazine inform me that we are infringing on Hed pe's "copyright" of that X logo.  I had to inform her that they don't have a "copyright" on that logo and it's been used FOREVER.  I also informed her that it's a trademark issue and has nothing to do with a copyright.  Oh well!  Which color are you all into more?  I'm hoping to print both but who knows with the back and forth when it comes to our presales.. 

Now on to our presale of issue 7 limited special edition variant super cool EC Comics nod cover!  Click on it to see all of it's glory.  and then click this link to order it and a poster of it so you can cherish it at your casa!

Buy yours for only $20!  That's a steal for both a 11x17 poster and a limited edition mag!  The price will go up as always when we get them in stock!

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