Thursday, January 29, 2015

Alien Outpost A FIlm by Jabbar Raisani


I was lucky enough to get a screener through our network the Crypt TV people.  If you haven't checked out the Crypt app download it now it's a cool way to meet people in the horror community.  Anyway IFC midnight supplied the screener and I was on my way!  I hadn't heard anything through the grapevine about the film so the only things that supplied any sort of expectations were the poster (left) and a still or two I saw of the film.  With the word "Alien" in the name I'm automatically expecting firefights between humans and some Alien creatures.  What I wasn't expecting was the documentary style that Alien Outpost is shot in, and it really works for building the audiences attachment to the characters.  This movie is more about the characters and less of a Richard Bay effects and explosion shit-fest.

My only gripe is that we weren't allowed to get a good look at the Alien foot-soldiers that the characters refer to as "heavies".  These are big hulking humanoid aliens that were dropped down onto earth to take things over.  That plan didn't work and the humans were able to fight back the invasion and the mother ship left, leaving a bunch of these heavies on earth for us humans to deal with.  This "Alien Outpost" is in an area of Earth where there is still some "Heavy" activity and many people are in the belief that there will be a second attempt at an invasion.  Cause I mean Earth is really fuckin' rad who wouldn't want to take this shit over right?
If you're a fan of documentary style, war movies, some alien aspects, and some cool fire fights this would be a good movie to check out.  Me, Myself, I have this condition called A.D.D. so it was hard for me to stay interested in certain parts of the story where it lags a bit.  But that's not the movie's fault that's just nature and needing to be bombarded by blood, guts, and craziness at all times, or else my mind's going somewhere else.  I really liked the characters, the aliens weren't all that badly designed and kudos to the creators for actually making a practical suit for the Heavies!  It could have been real easy for them to just go CGI for that. 

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