Thursday, March 5, 2015

Faux NES cartridge USB "gun" with 13 digital issues + EXCLUSIVE CONTENT!


*UPDATE*  These go up tomorrow!  Price will be $50 plus shipping.  Remember this includes $67 worth of digital issues (including a 4 issue digital subscription for future issues) and exclusive interviews you won't hear anywhere else.  You also get the really rad clear green or red Faux NES cartridge.  Which after doing some research might not be manufactured ever again.  YEP this might be your only chance to get one.  Only 4 of the red have been made with our label and only 3 of the green have been made and MIGHT NEVER BE MADE AGAIN.  The company we sourced them from emailed back saying they have no plans to make more.  That makes these RARE.  I'm hoping they start making them again but he didn't sound positive at all in the email.  You also get the cool USB Gun which will be blood splattered by hand with cool red paint.  This is a 8GB USB so you can use that for all your files and carry them around with you.  It's pretty cool in and of itself.  Remember only 7 of these colored NES cartridges were made.  I'm keeping one for myself.. One went to Obscuri and 5 will be available to all you guys tomorrow at 2PM-ish.

Hello to all of you out there in Goreland!  This project has been in the works for awhile and it's exciting to actually put these up for sale! This is a great way for all of you to get all of our back issues (minus the special B&W issues including coffin issues).  You get digital copies of issue 1-12 (issue 1 only available digitally through this package) and our Sick & Depraved issue!  This package is for ages 18+ as it does contain nudity and all that other good stuff.

No this isn't an actual game.  What you get in the package is the transparent green or red NES cartridge complete with a special label created by us to look similar to the NES cartridge.  The art features a photo by Obscuri Photography and you'll also find images on the USB from Obscuri as well.  You'll also find a whole episode of Forever Midnight Podcast along with a trailer for Death Museum's photographer and some images from Death Museum as well (another reason why this is 18+ as these images are DARK AND AWESOME!)

What else do you get in this package?  We've included some images of our previous shoots along
with some of our logos so you can throw those up on your websites stick em on your phones or whatever you want to do with them.  Exclusive to this USB you'll get audio interviews with awesome folks like:  Greg Nicotero (Walking Dead), Lloyd Kaufman (Troma), Linnea Quigley (Return of the Living Dead, etc.), A Nameless Ghoul from Ghost, Barney from Napalm Death, and Beefcake of Gwar.  This is the only way to hear some of these interviews in their entirety (or at all).

WAIT!  That's not all!!  There will only be 5 of these available in this first batch and depending on how they sell we might make more available.  Max we're looking at is around 18 pcs total.  So not only do you get 13 digital issues you'll also get a FREE DIGITAL SUBSCRIPTION for another 4 issues.  That's a total of 17 digital issues included for the price (will be determined later).  Each issue we sell for $3.99 each so that's $67 worth of value right off the bat.  This all comes preloaded on a 8GB USB "GUN" which you can reuse to put all your files on for the future.  A cool way to bring your Gore Noir Magazine stuff with you and all your other dirty files.

We will be adding more details to this post as they come, which will include price and some other things we're doing like actual pictures of the USB "Gun".  Stay tuned!  These will be available Saturday March 7th at roughly 2PM.  DON'T MISS OUT ON BEING ONE OF THE FIRST TO GET ONE!  Also up until these go up for sale we have a 30% OFF SALE!  Hit the store: and put in coupon code "SPOOPY" to get 30% OFF your whole order!!

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