Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Interview with Annica Alvillar of Monochrome Romance Photography

I would have to say that American Mary is definitely one of my favorite modern horror movies.  Who doesn't love this golden nugget that the Twisted Twins Jen & Sylvia Soska have brought before us?  Katharine Isabelle and Tristan Risk are just amazing in their parts..  And I was rooting for Mary the whole time.  If you haven't seen it yet I'd suggest you stop reading right now and watch it.  We'll wait..  You back yet?  Can we continue?  That was amazing right?  I told you!  Anyway with any great story like American Mary you'll always get the cosplayers at the Horror Cons and every once in awhile you'll get a treat like Monochrome Romance Photography has brought to us.  Monochrome along with Queen Curbcheck and Ryan Wreckless let their inner demons out in an awesome American Mary themed shoot!  Enjoy the photos and our interview with photographer Annica Alvillar!

Interview Excerpt:

GN:  Who’s idea was it to go with the American Mary theme?

MRP:  It was actually both of ours (Queen Curbcheck and I) She had recommended the movie to me after the twisted twins had started to follow her on IG. I was immediately inspired after watching it and had noticed some similarity in looks between the actress Katharine Isabelle and Queen Curbcheck. I think I even text her that night after watching it for the first time and said "We must do an American Mary inspired shoot!"  The rest is history.

GN:  Tell us a bit about Monochrome Romance Photography and what you do!

MRP:  Hmm well Monochrome Romance Photography is me lol. As for what I do I like to create stories and characters through my photography whether that story portrays a dream or a nightmare.

GN:  Queen Curbcheck is a total babe! (and Ryan Wreckless was a trooper for being a victim!)  What was it like working with them?

MRP:  I have known this couple for years and have worked with them on many shoots. They are a great duo to shoot and they make my job as a photographer easy. I love them and the energy they bring to each shoot.  Never a dull moment when these two are my models.

GN:  Have you set your sights on other movies to recreate in photo form?  Are there any others we should check out that you've done?

MRP:  I would love to do a tribute to some of my favorite Alfred Hitchcock films in the future. And I'm currently working on doing a female pinhead shoot from the movie Hellraiser which is one of my favorites! But to date American Mary is the first movie tribute shoot I have done.

GN:  Give us some links to your social media!  Also let us know what you have coming up!

MRP:  If interested in see more of my work you can find me on
Instagram: @monochromeromancephotography
Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Monochrome-Romance-Photography/159978034023638
Email for bookings: monochromeromancephotography@gmail.com

As for things I got coming up.  I recently shot with model Penny Poison on an awesome ritual themed shoot that I am currently working on editing and I am always posting preview shots and behind the scenes on my IG for my upcoming book that will be published early next year.

title:American Mary
model/mua/hair: Queen Curbcheck
model: Ryan Wreckless
lighting: Curtis J walker
Studio: Photo bang bang 
Photographer: Monochrome Romance Photography

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