Thursday, October 22, 2015

Who's watching Hemlock Grove The Final Chapter (Season 3) on Netflix with me? (10/23)

It's that time of year again!  Halloween you say?  Well yea..  That too..  But no!  I'm talking about Hemlock Grove!  Have you seen season 1 and 2 yet?  No?  Well you have some catching up to do..  Season 3 drops 10/23!  All episodes will be available all at once..  Which means you can do like I do and binge watch the hell out of it!  Or you can slowly ration yourself an episode every so often..  But who does that?  BINGE!!  That's what Netflix is for right?  Now you can Netflix and Chill with Hemlock Grove on your device..  And it's going to be a marathon..  No what I mean?  Wink wink..  Nudge nudge..

Last season ended off on what has to be one of the strangest season finale/cliffhangers that I've ever seen on a series..  I was literally like..  WTF?!?  That just happened?!?  For those of you that have seen season 2 you know what I mean..  My brain melted out of my ears..  Eyeballs packed up and took a vacation..  They said..  "NAWP!  I'm out..  What the hell was that?!?"  So I have no idea how they are going to continue on from there..  Well they are definitely saying that season 3 is the LAST SEASON..  THE FINAL CHAPTER.   So we will be learning a lot about the characters..  ALL WILL BE REVEALED!  Here's to some skin being revealed..  Oh and blood and guts too..  I think we are going to see lots of that..  High grade wood chippers maybe?

Anyway..  I'm excited..  Throw your comments in the section below and let me know what you think of the show and let me know where you are at with the new season when you start watching.  Here's to some Hemlock Grove on Netflix and Chill!!  CLIP BELOW FOR ALL YOU FREAKS!!

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