Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Need a good soundtrack for your Halloween? Read on about Obscuri..

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It's a Wednesday night and I'm in a town not too far from San Antonio.  It's a good hour jaunt from Austin (which I've called home over the last 3 years) but I made the trip to hang out with my good friend and official Gore Noir staff photographer, Obscuri.  Obscuri has been creating amazing  ambient horror music lately and I couldn't wait to hear some of the tracks.  We are sitting in his new "Doom Room" surrounded by his medical collection, listening to some of the music that he's been working on.  Each track he starts up has it's own feel and aesthetic to it.  Each brings it's own imagery to mind and as we listen I'm talking to Obscuri, explaining the visuals that are popping into my mind as the music plays.  It also helps to set the tone as the real human skulls are staring back at us in the Doom Room and the wet specimens lay in their jars.  All of this helped fuel the creativity that Obscuri's music was now invoking.

Obscuri is talking about some of the haunts and bands that he has already started working for and creating his ambient tracks for.  The soundscapes he creates definitely lend themselves to an overall feeling that would work well in a haunted house.  Once we've crawled our way through his project tracks we decided to mess around and create a new track on the spot.  It was interesting being able to watch the creation process and give input to help mold the soundscape.  The piece ended up having a very 70's satanic slasher's house feel to it.  I'll link you to it and more of his music below (the name of the track is "Gates to Hell".  If you have yet to hear any of Obscuri's work definitely check it out and hire him for your movies, your haunt, your batmitzva or whatever you need dark ominous music for.  Enjoy!  (Click here to go to the full soundtrack site for Obscuri)

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