Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Ashy Slashy: Queen of Halloween "Trick R' Treat, lick my feet"

Trick R' Treat, lick my feet, I'll give ya something good to eat... Wait a minute.. that's not right 🤔..
Wassup my boils and ghouls?! Who else loves October? Why wasn't I born in this month? Dammit mother! Anywho.. do you binge watch horror movies? Given I binge watch horror all year long, I know sometimes you creeps only do it for October, but since we discussing horror: have ya figured out your costume yet?
You haven't?! You slacker! For shame!!... I kid. Mostly.
1.. 2.. I'm coming for you..

So, I've had many ask me what is my favorite horror movie of all time & who is my favorite slasher. I thought it was a given: A Nightmare On Elm Street & Freddy Krueger.  Now I know Mr. Krueger isn't exactly an easy costume to tackle, with those blasphemous masks that are nightmare worthy themselves... I'm going to help YOU become everyone's favorite child killer!
First things first: if you want to do make-up instead of the ridiculous masks, it's actually easy! All you'll need is the following:
• Liquid Latex
• Red, Flesh tone pink, Brown & Black eyeshadows
• Body Paint Red (optional)
• Fake Blood (optional)
Now liquid latex isn't as complicated as people make it out to be and it's also not hard to find. You can usually find it at Halloween stores, but you can also find it at Party City or online. Your burns don't have to be accurate to Krueger himself, unless you go set yourself on fire, but I highly don't recommend..
So, with the liquid latex:
Step 1: With either using a make-up tool or your fingers, start applying the latex on your face, neck, and depending how low your sweater goes, chest. Avoid eyes and mouth. Once the latex dries, do this step at least 3 more times. For eyebrows, now I can tell you how to block eyebrows, but considering I have yet to master this technique, you might have to YouTube it. Completely optional. Or you could just get your Freddy glove and slice your eyebrows off? Who needs eyebrows...
Step 2: Once you got the latex good and thick (that's what she said) quite literally start rubbing random areas with your finger (or with a make-up tool) until you start creating holes within the latex. Now be careful doing this or you'll just end up having to be set on fire.
Your latex should look something like this (minus the eyeshadow):

*From my Ouija Possessed Make-up*
Step 3: When you have the open areas on your face good and ready, start applying red eyeshadow into the inside of the holes you just created. Around the holes, lightly apply the pink. With the brown, go around the inside edges lightly. With the black, do the same thing you did with the brown, but be careful not to make it too dark. I know this sounds complicated, but it's not as complicated as the CGI disaster they did on Jackie in the stab-a-teenager remake.
Step 4: So basically with the eyeshadows, you're creating the appearance of the burns. There's no right or wrong way of doing this. Now with your eyes, use the red and brown eyeshadow, but if you want, you can do beauty make-up. It's completely up to you
 Now, once you have gotten the make-up to your liking, it's time for your Christmas sweater, your hipsters-made-it-popular fedora, your blades for days glove, and you're ready to go on a teenager slashing spree! But beware of their fire happy parents.. and Jason of course.

I hope this helps you become the dream demon we all know you can be!
Pleasant Nightmares, my bitches!

- Ashy Slashy

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