Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Boo Batter Cold Stone Cremery Jet Black Halloween Ice Cream

So I am one of those assholes that will try anything that these companies put out that is black colored.  Yes I'm that dude..  Black Whopper?  Sure I'll throw that down my gullet..  Gimme 2 and I'll wash it down with your black cherry icee.  DONE!  So when Cold Stone Cremery came out with their self described "BOOLICIOUS" Boo Batter ice cream I had to try it.

My friend got the last of their Halloween Oreos..  The bitch..  But really the orange filling doesn't taste anything different than the regular ones so the only difference was aesthetics.  I got mine in one of their orange bowl cone thingies..  I normally don't go to Cold Stone so I was dumb and got the "I Love it!" which ended up being waaaaay too much ice cream for me.  Now..  On to the taste!

This was fresh off the press not one bite taken yet..
This was like spooning pure sugar into my mouth hole mixed with random bites of Kit Kat, M&M and Oreo..  I normally like all of those ingredients but when you just huck them into a pile of sugary cement colored ice cream it doesn't make for a good experience.  The color above is pretty spot on it's a little more bluish grey but yeah..  I'll post pictures so you can see. 

My friend loved this ice cream..  But she also was on a huge sugar high after..  Let's just say I had to hear "baby shark" way too much.  Was this worth the money and experience?  Sure!  I'll try anything once!  Will I try it again?  NOPE!  It's just waaaaaay too sugary for me.  I'd rather go with like a Mint chocolate chip or something similar.  Oh well!!  Apparently it's just their cake batter ice cream dyed black but whatever!  Worth a try!
Now we are getting artsy with the Boo Batter soup..
Got bored so started messing with the now soft shell..
Maybe we can find some dinosaurs stuck in this oil pit?

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