Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Ashy Slashy: Queen of Halloween "Texas Frightmare"

As we all know by now, the world is experiencing technical difficulties with a virus called COVID-19. We are all having to practice social distancing (which I'm going to be honest I've been practicing since birth), proper hygiene (the fact people are just NOW DOING THIS TERRIFIES ME.. considering I'm OCD/Germaphobe), wearing protective gear (and let's be honest MAJORITY aren't doing properly), and staying home (again... been doing this since forever..).

Thanks to COVID-19, when it comes to the convention community, a lot of conventions have been postponed, canceled, or have had their dates changed to a later time. Thankfully Texas Frightmare Weekend has rescheduled. Usually hosted in May, this year it will be hosted in September.

I am glad to announced that after FOUR YEARS, I'll be attending Texas Frightmare Weekend in September. Now if you aren't familiar with TFW, it's a great horror convention in Texas (at the DFW International Airport at the Hyatt Hotel). It's friendly, fun, and all things HORROR!

Here's a glance at some of the guests attending this year:

Are you attending? If so, let me know!
-Ashy Slashy

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