Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Ashy Slashy: Queen of Halloween "Slash Your Way Into This App"

Are you tired of censorship on social media?
Tired of Twitter banning Horror Directors for posting graphic SFX makeup?
Sick of Horror always being banned/marked NSFW?
Well.. I have the solution for you!


 Slasher is the social network for horror.
Experience horror on a social platform for all your needs in the world of horror entertainment. As a creator/artist/fan in the horror community, your vision can be shown as it should be.
Slasher is R rated (ages 18+) and not censored like mainstream social networks.

Features On This App:

  • Timeline: To share images & opinions with friends!
  • Messaging: To stay in touch.
  • Discover: Artists, Podcasts, Movies & more!
  • Events: To keep up-to-date with a horror convention near you!
  • Dating: For horror fans!
  • Movies: A section with trailers, keep up lists, & more!
  • News: Provided by Horror Fuel & Rue Morgue!
  • Groups: Discuss various topics from movies, sfx, & more!
  • Live Chat: To get in touch with other fans!
    So there you have it boils & ghouls! For all your horror needs be sure to download Slasher today!
    Stay Creepy As Always,
    -Ashy Slashy

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