Thursday, November 3, 2011

Chad Chase of Venom Ink

 Chad Chase is one of those artists that has mastered his medium and is at a level that just about every tattoo artist wants to reach.  His ability to bring emotion up through the skin with needle and ink is amazing.  He mixes realism with a touch of the surreal with a perfection that not many can attain.  When you hear about people traveling to get tattoos by artists and you wonder "why would anyone do that" well my friends Chad is the reason why.  We all get the itch to get inked every once in awhile but why throw just anything on us when someone like Mr. Chase can turn your skin into a piece of true art?  I'd much rather look down at my body and see awesome ink than I would look down and see some scratchers sloppy lines on me.

Look for more of Chad's and other amazing tattoo artists work in the next Gore Noir magazine!  Issue #2 is available for purchase and features some hot inked ladies as a 11x17 poster!

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