Monday, March 26, 2012

Zombie Research Society - Issue 5

  Are you ready for the zombie apocalypse?  I'm guessing your McDonalds eating, PBR swilling, reality TV junky ass is far from ready.  I'm just guessin though.. Who knows.. maybe you're the next Jean Claude Van Dam..  You know.. womanizing.. cocaine hoovering.. all around good guy?  More than likely though you are a female because Gore Noir is all about the ladies.  Need proof?  Just check out the photo below of one of our lovely female fans who, because we love our fans, we've turned into a zombie... Well actually Goatboy turned her but still we were the party responsible for sicking Goatboy on her.. and doesn't she look lovely?

So ladies what do you like most about zombies?  Ok ok I'll stop trying to chat you up and get to the meat and potatoes of what we are getting at here with issue 5 of the magazine coming out in May.  Zombie Research Society, Matt Mogk and the guys who brought you the Walking Dead will be heavily involved in putting this issue together and they will be co-curating it.  Expect to see lots of rotting flesh and bloody corpses that walk around the earth searching for human food.  You will feast your eyes on lots of the undead fun bags and we'll even teach you a thing or two about surviving the apocalypse.  Okay I'm done now you can get back to that can of 1893's best brew.

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